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That Christmasis an extremely popular festival is beyond doubt, but have you ever wondered what the origin of the date is and what is celebrated? Your answer was probably no. Because, even though everyone knows that Christmas is basically the birthday of Jesus Christ, few people have researched in depth how this date came about and what is behind Christmas.

So if you want to learn more about one of the most famous dates in the world, then you’ve come to the right place. Because today we’ll show you that Christmas isn’t about Santa Claus or things like that, and that the history surrounding Christmas parties is much more interesting than you can imagine. Therefore, if you are tired of the typical jokes of it is to see or to eat, then, come and discover the true origin of Christmas, so you will have a beautiful story to tell on Christmas night with your family.

After all, nothing better than getting together with the family to eat something tasty while an interesting story is told. And what better story to tell during Christmas than the story of Christmas itself? I can’t imagine a better story.

How did Christmas come about?

Roman Christmas

This date originates from pagan festivals held in antiquity, by Romans who celebrated the beginning of winter, it is no wonder that even today Christmas is celebrated during winter. These parties were a form of homage to the deus natalis invicti Solis, considered the sun god by the Romans. In this case, the name Natal is linked to the first name of this god, which is natalis.


However, this is not the only origin of this festival, after all, other peoples also celebrated the arrival of winter, as is the case with the Zagmuk festivals. These festivals were celebrated by the Mesopotamians, and just like the Roman festivals, here the arrival of winter was a cause for celebration. However, the form of celebration was something that we would say unique, in other words it was a lot of fun for some, but not at all fun for others.

Christian Christmas

The last Christmas parties that we will show you the origin of in this article are the Christian parties, but it is important to make one thing clear. Apart from this party, there are hundreds of other Christmas parties celebrated by countless peoples around the world. However, if we were to explain how each type of culture holds Christmas parties, obviously the article would be huge.

Having said that, let’s continue this topic, basically in Christian Christmas it is not the arrival of winter that is being celebrated. As much as the parties also occur in winter, during Christmas Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the meaning of the date for them is the birthday of Jesus, it is worth mentioning that the term natal comes from natalis, a term that comes from Latin and means to be born.

Top Christmas recipes

Christmas has been celebrated by mankind for thousands of years, and as you can imagine, every good party needs good food. And Christmas foods are the strong point of the date, it’s no wonder that so many people spend a whole year waiting for the arrival of the date because of the food. And below we will show you the main recipes of this date.

The first Christmas recipe is the famous panettone, this sweet has a dough that is very reminiscent of bread, but is full of candied fruits in its filling. But of course, this filling can be made up of countless other ingredients, such as chocolate, caramel or dulce de leche. Panettone is a dessert that cannot be missing from a good Christmas dinner.

The second very famous Christmas recipe is the shank, the shank is nothing less than a pork meat, which is extremely consumed during the date. So if you didn’t used to make Christmas dinners and want to try putting one together. So you can set aside some money to buy a good ham and look for some delicious recipes using this meat.

Of course, there are hundreds of other amazing recipes to cook over Christmas, but these two are the main ones. However, if you want to prepare an incredible supper and want to know more recipes besides these two, just read our other article on this topic and you’ll soon find a hundred recipes.

Where to spend Christmas

And as you might imagine, during Christmas travel is extremely common, but do you know which are the best places to spend this date? Calm down, we’ll help you. The first place is extremely obvious and maybe you already have it in mind. We’re talking about your relatives’ house, as Christmas is a great time to get together with the family.

So, plan to gather all the relatives for a good barbecue, where each one will bring something for Christmas dinner. This is a great time to finally see relatives who live far away and catch up and get rid of homesickness. Besides, of course, being a great opportunity to eat something delicious, in a way that won’t be expensive for anyone.

Holiday Gift Tips

There is a very common practice at Christmas, and this practice is called secret friend, but there is a small problem with this game. It is quite common to find stories of people who give large gifts and end up receiving socks. But, have you ever wondered how to select a good gift but failed to select good criteria.

This process is much simpler than it seems, you just need to follow a few simple steps when selecting the gift. The first criterion is the style of the person who will be giving the gift, if the person likes black clothes there is no point in giving them a yellow shirt. The second criterion is linked to that person’s hobbies, for example if the person is a skater, look for good tennis shoes.

Taking into account only these two factors about the person you will present, it is already possible to select an incredible gift. Remembering that in these moments social networks will be very useful, because it will be possible to find out more about the likes of the person in question. We also have a article on this topic that will leave you enchanted, worth checking out!

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