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Elaborating the best recipes for Christmas may not be such an easy task, because in addition to having several options, it can be difficult to separate a list of the most economical recipes to make for Christmas with the family.

But don’t worry, we did it for you. We prepared an article with a list of cheap recipe ideas and a special bonus indication at the end of this article for you to surprise everyone at Christmas dinner. These options cannot be missing from the Christmas table, as they are practical and tasty, in addition to carrying the tradition of Christmas cuisine that we have.

We raised several practical recipe options for Christmas, but we keep the tastiest and most accepted by all palates. Keep the best recipes for Christmas, and prepare your table with these incredible options.

Types of recipes for Christmas

In this article you will have options for recipes for Christmas that include desserts, meats, snacks, among many others. Here, you will also see popular and practical recipes that go well with a Christmas dinner. Check out the options and read on for our special app tip for them!

Christmas farofa

The Christmas farofa is a great option for those who love the dish, as you can create a special way to prepare the farofa and include it in Christmas recipes. To prepare this recipe, it will take you no more than 1 hour – even less!

Christmas farofa recipes that you can find online include: peppers of different colors, tomatoes, corn, olives, bacon, cornmeal, peas, or even walnuts and raisins! It’s important to pay attention to the seasoning.

You can prepare the farofa ahead of time if you include it in your Christmas dinner, as it does not need to be consumed immediately, which makes it easier for you.

Cod cake

We are used to seeing codfish cakes – or other dishes with codfish – at Christmas dinners, which is why this is one of the most successful Christmas recipes.

You can find recipes of the genre that take spices of various types, peppers, parsley, or even cassava! Your version will definitely make everyone want to eat more than two!

Loin in the pressure cooker

The sirloin recipe in the pressure cooker is quite successful among some families who take it for Christmas dinner. It is one of the best recipes for Christmas that involves.

In addition to practical, it is very delicious. The tenderloin can be accompanied by garlic, peppers, paprika, parsley, white wine, garlic, onions, and whatever else you like.

Turkey in pineapple broth

This is one of the recipes for Christmas for those who love to prepare sweet and sour desserts, or who like to venture out and use their creativity on the menu, taking it to Christmas. The turkey in pineapple broth is very easy to prepare, with few ingredients, apart from spices, onions, garlic and the obligatory ingredients, of course.

Christmas Cod

Cod for Christmas is a popular option, cod is essential for some dinners. In this variation, cod can be accompanied by: potatoes, black or green olives, broccoli or assorted peppers. Don’t forget the olive oil, and make this one of the best recipes for Christmas.

Traditional Oven French Toast

The French toast recipe is one of the recipes for Christmas that cannot be missing from the table. This is because this traditional option is still highly valued by many families, who also prepare variations of it.

French toast usually takes about half an hour to prepare, and is a timeless and practical recipe. Also, in some recipe variations, the french toast is prepared in the oven.

The sweet is made with bread, eggs, milk, baked or fried and dipped in sugar or cinnamon, but there can also be variations, such as chocolate fillings, condensed milk, among others.

Furthermore, french toast is also a great post-supper recipe option, and can be present at breakfast, very cold – which makes it perfect!

Panettone and Chocotone

The panettone is certainly the most traditional version of bread for Christmas. Without panettone or chocotone, the list of recipes for Christmas seems incomplete, doesn’t it? On the internet, you can find practical variations of these recipes, ensuring a taste of homemade food.

Don’t forget to include one of these options – or both – in your menu.

Christmas Cookies

There are many Christmas cookies, but to include them in Christmas recipes, you can abuse them with confectionery, taking into account that the most popular ones have very colorful ones, or even melted chocolate or cocoa syrup.

For the dough, you can use sugar, butter, wheat flour, eggs, and even nuts, if you want a milder flavor.

Condensed milk biscuit

These condensed milk cookies can be another variation of the previous ones, since they follow the same line of preparation. However, greater emphasis is given to condensed milk, which makes the snack soft and its dough so fluffy that it melts in your mouth.

Coloured gelatin

Colored gelatine is one of those recipes that are present in various stages of our lives, starting with childhood. To please everyone with this Christmas recipe, you will have to prepare several flavors of gelatin, do one at a time and put it to freeze. That simple. There are variations that make a kind of smooth cream, to add the gelatin, cut into cubes, or it is served with cream.

The more flavors and gelatin assorted in your dessert, the more attractive and tasty the colored gelatin will be! Opt for different and vibrant colors like yellow, green, red, blue, purple, etc. Let creativity take over!

Traditional fruit salad

Now, we must agree that fruit salad is essential to any Christmas menu, right? This is by far the best and most practical dessert option. This is because we only have to choose the fruits, cut them and mix them, resulting in a large and delicious fruit salad.

It is interesting to color the fruit salad, opting for various options of yellow, white, green, purple… choose to decorate with whipped cream, condensed milk or cream – or all three!


Certainly with technological advances in our favor, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, we have a special bonus tip for you. We found countless apps of Christmas recipes that will make your choice much easier and guide you through each recipe step by step. We indicate HERE< /a> what we like the most, but it’s worth checking which one is best for you in your app store and feel like a Chef on Christmas Eve!

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