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Christmas is coming, and with it the good old secret friend too, so everyone is already starting to look for the best gifts. However, have you ever thought about getting out of the conventional and thinking outside the box when giving someone a gift? Today we will show you that the present perfect exists. And it can be done at home by you, giving a good gift is a much simpler task than you might think.

And today we’ll show you that simple recipes can become great gifts, both at Christmas and on several other commemorative dates. That is, this article can save you not only when it comes to giving someone a Christmas gift, but also in several other moments of no. Even on birthdays, so if possible read this article again as the years go by.

Perks of Gifting Recipes

But after all, what are the main advantages of using Christmas recipes to present during Christmas? The first of the advantages is already in the face. When using something edible as a gift, the chance of the person not liking the gift is practically zero. So, if you don’t know the person you picked in the secret friend well, then maybe making a little basket with some of the recipes in this article could be your salvation.

However, this type of gift is not just a salvation in situations where you don’t know the person you are going to give it to. Using food as a gift is also a good way to gift someone you already know. And it certainly has a “what” of irresistible affection in this, isn’t it? Especially if you have a hobby of cooking. So, throughout this article, check out the best Christmas recipes to give as a gift.

Best Christmas Gift Recipes

When it comes to delicious Christmas recipes that can be used as gifts,  there are hundreds of options. So, in this article we only put together Christmas recipes for simpler gifts, as this type of gift is also a great way to save money. Bearing in mind that with the money spent on the ingredients it is possible to make several units.

That is, you can give them to different people, or even sell these sweets to raise some extra money. The possibilities are endless when it comes to recipes. It’s up to you to use your creativity, both to give gifts and to earn extra income this season.

In the recipes shown here, just click on the name and you will find a suggested recipe and method of preparation.

Mini Panettone – Christmas recipes to gift

The first recipe on this list is the mini panettone, after all, the good old panettone cannot be missing at a good Christmas party. And as much as this recipe seems super complicated, preparing it is super simple and can be done at home within a few hours. Also being a very inexpensive recipe, all you will need to have with you is a mixer, or even a fouet.

With very little time and no experience it is possible to prepare the best panettone of your life, so if you are looking for a good Christmas recipe to give as a gift. You can go with a mini panettone, after all, who doesn’t like a panettone on Christmas night.

Double Chocolate Brownie – Christmas recipes to gift

But if you like something a little sweeter, how about making a delicious double chocolate brownie? When it comes to Christmas recipes for gifting. This is one of the best sweets you can make, as it’s practically impossible to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate. And if by any chance you manage to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate, after that brownie, that person will fall in love.

The brownie is not only a great gift, but also a great way to earn extra money, both over Christmas and throughout the year. With a blender, a baking sheet and a little margarine or mold release you can make delicious brownies.

Palha Italiana< /a> – Christmas recipes to gift

The next sweet on this list is Italian straw, one of the most consumed sweets in Brazil and also one of the easiest Christmas gift recipes to prepare. Also being the cheapest, you will only need to spend money on the biscuit or marie biscuit, condensed milk and a few minutes of your day. Spending on it, you will be able to prepare one of the most consumed recipes on that date.

With just one pot, 10 minutes of your day and a freezer you can prepare Italian straw, and there is no one who can resist this recipe.

White chocolate truffles

This list of Christmas recipes to give as a gift could not be missing, a recipe that is a little more complex to make, but which yields a lot and is a success. Because of the size of each truffle, so by spending money on the ingredients, you can make countless truffles. That is, there will be truffles to present to the whole family during Christmas Eve, the only annoying thing to get will be the molds.

But you can get this at a disposable store or a bakery, and it is a recipe that, even though it takes some work, is really worth preparing.

Ginger Breads – the traditional Christmas cookies

Finally, the traditional and most charming Christmas cookies are really worth it! They are simple and traditional recipes, which use easy to obtain ingredients and guarantee many units to present to the whole family.

In addition, it is guaranteed fun to put the little ones with the “hands in the dough” to have that party while preparing and decorating the party favors.

Certainly magical moments, which create memories, and will make all the difference in context!

And on top of that, with an extra twist, packed nicely in charming gift bags, it will be a hit at your dinner party.

No one will want to be without…this I guarantee!

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