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Hello, are you in need of tips to plan your travel abroad? Good, you are in the right place. In this article, we’re going to walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to choose your destination properly. And yet how to save on tickets and accommodation, define a tour itinerary and how to deal with foreign currency.

Know first that scheduling your trip abroad should be as much fun as the trip itself. Yes, this part is very cool, because in it you are already visualizing everything you will accomplish. So let’s go to the tips!


Choosing your travel destination abroad

Choosing the destination correctly and well in advance is the most determining factor for your trip abroad to be a success. It also increases your chances of saving, so this is your first step.

Look for a destination that has the climate you like and this will vary according to the country and the time of year you will visit it. However, in addition to the climate, another determining factor is whether your destination offers attractions and tours that will meet your goals. So know exactly what you want to do, if you want the beach and the heat for example, or if you prefer a place rich in cultural and gastronomic attractions.

Do thorough research on the places you want to visit, see the options for accommodation, tourism, gastronomy, attractions, etc. However, also look at the costs of these options. Research public transport if you are not renting a car, and if you are renting, research that too.

Buying tickets for your trip abroad

The purchase of airline tickets is usually one of the biggest expenses of a trip abroad, so our tip regarding tickets, as well as choosing a destination, is to research calmly and in advance.

Search on several airlines and try to have flexible dates, as ticket prices often vary from one day to the next. However, also search for airport options close to your destination. Many cities have more than one airport and therefore different prices as well. Therefore, there is the possibility of finding cheaper prices at airports in cities close to your destination.

Remember that before purchasing the tickets, check if the baggage allowance is included in the prices. Many airlines offer lower rates without including checked baggage, and the amount to be paid separately for the check is usually high. Therefore, buy tickets with shipping included, as normally, hand luggage alone is not enough for a trip abroad.

Choosing Your Hosting

Choosing good accommodation for your trip abroad is very important for your comfort and safety. If you choose to stay at hotel, in addition to the clear price, check its location and services . Some hotels offer transportation options that may be charged separately. However, if the hotel is well located, you can do a lot on foot. Therefore, an economy with transport and, on top of that, one of the best ways to enjoy the local culture.

Another popular hosting option is Airbnb, if you choose to With this option, you can choose between staying in houses, apartments, etc. However, it is important to pay attention to the location and condition of the properties. Therefore, opt for well-evaluated properties and hosts. Read reviews from recent guests regarding the property’s location, cleanliness and amenities.

Define your tour itinerary

The your tour itinerary should be thought out and defined before your trip. trip abroad. Therefore, after having defined your dates, it’s time to program the places to be visited.

Check the values ​​of the tours you want to do and their available dates. However, it is worth remembering that tickets for tours and visits, for example, can be more expensive on weekends, so be aware of this. That way you can already define what to do on each day of your trip.

Make sure that you also have some flexibility regarding your itinerary, as unforeseen events may occur, so you will already be prepared. A cool tip is to leave a blank day in your itinerary. Because on this day you will be free to walk around aimlessly, rest, do something super cool that wasn’t in the plans and you only found out later. Also, if for some unforeseen reason you miss a tour on your itinerary, you’ll have the whole day to make up for it.

Buying and using foreign currency

Doubts about how to deal with foreign currency when traveling abroad are very common. Let’s give an example of the three most used ways and how you should deal with them.

As you have already followed the first steps and programmed yourself in advance. The first tip is to gradually buy the currency of the foreign country you are visiting. Therefore, you will be protecting yourself from possible exchange rate variations that may disrupt your plans. So buying little by little, you’re already guaranteed.

The other way to carry money in foreign currency is travel cards. They are a prepaid debit card that you transfer amounts to that card. Credits are usually in dollars or euros and the ideal is to transfer the amounts little by little to prevent exchange rate fluctuations. The advantage over carrying cash is the convenience of carrying only the card. However the downside is that it may not be accepted everywhere.

Our third example of how to make your purchases abroad is the credit card. Therefore, although this method is the most practical, it is enough to have an international credit card and unlock it for purchases abroad. However, it is also the most expensive, as the charges are higher and you will be subject to the exchange rate used by the card operator.

Now that you know the three most used ways, follow our recommendation. As each has its advantages and disadvantages, the ideal is to use them all. So you can take some cash, a travel card with some value already transferred on it, and finally, take your credit card to use as a last resort.


Done! Now you know how to plan your trip abroad. See everything in advance. So define your destination, see if it fits in your pocket, buy tickets, book your accommodation, set up your itinerary and organize yourself with respect to the currency of the country you are going to visit.

It is very important, mandatory in fact, to have your passport up to date. Remember to have your vaccination card up to date, as this may be required depending on the destination country. Also take out travel insurance, as it is mandatory for certain destinations and we recommend it for every type of trip.

We wish you a great trip! Feel free to let us know what you think of the article. After the trip, tell us how it was, because we would love to know! Also enjoy our daily content filled with interesting information.

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