Sugar-free french toast: healthy recipe






French toast is a traditional Christmas dish, but many people don’t know that it is possible to make a version of it as a healthy recipe, without sugar. The recipe is simple and easy to make, and the result is a tasty and nutritious french toast, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make sugar-free french toast, a healthy recipe for Christmas and for the whole year. Plus, we’ll give you some tips to make your french toast even tastier.

The History of French Toast

The history of the french toast is uncertain, but some historians believe it originated in France in the 18th century. Others say it was created by the Arabs and taken to Spain, where it gained the name “torrijas”. French toast arrived in Brazil with Portuguese and Spanish immigrants and gained the name “rabanadas”.

French toast is a typical Christmas dish, but can be found at other times of the year. They are made from stale bread sliced ​​and fried in oil, then drizzled with cinnamon-flavored milk and sugar syrup.

They are a very popular dish in Brazil and are served at many parties and special occasions and can also be found in restaurants and snack bars.

Sugar-Free French Toast Ingredients: Healthy Recipe

  • 1 (one) mashed ripe banana
  • 1 (one) beaten whole egg
  • 1 (one) tablespoon of milk (vegetable, lactose-free)
  • 2 (two) slices of bread (use the bread of your choice, gluten-free, with chestnuts, natural fermentation)
  • Unsalted butter for browning
  • Sweetener and cinnamon for sprinkling

Sugar-free french toast recipe: Healthy recipe

  • First mash the banana and mix it with the beaten egg and milk in a bowl
  • Slightly soak the bread in this mixture on both sides, being careful not to leave it too long
  • Melt the butter in a heated frying pan
  • Then place the bread and brown it on both sides for 1 minute
  • Remove and sprinkle with cinnamon sweetener (optional)
  • Serve next and Bon Appetit!


We hope you enjoy our sugar-free french toast recipe! She’s delicious, easy to make and will certainly make all the difference in your Christmas dinner. So comment and share this recipe with your friends and family. See you next time!

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