5 Christmas movies to watch with the family






So the Christmas mood is approaching and nothing better than celebrating with the family watching the best Christmas movies this season. The Christmas Chronicles have been growing in popularity each year and become a classic for all ages. From romantic comedies to family dramas, there’s a Christmas movie for everyone.

Some of the most popular movies are “Home Alone”, “The Grinch”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Letter to God”. These are the movies the whole family can watch this festive season. These Christmas movies tell the stories of love, joy, adventure and faith and are ideal for those who want to spend a special moment with their family.

In addition, they teach family values ​​and offer important lessons about the true meaning of Christmas. Don’t forget to watch these classic Christmas movies with your family and celebrate Christmas with joy, love and the true Christmas spirit.

So if you’re looking for a list of Christmas movies to watch with the family, here are five options you can’t miss. This content will list 5 Christmas movies to watch with the family, briefly introducing the plot of each one. So come get inspired with us!

1. Christmas Chronicles

Filmes de Natal - Chronicles of Christmas - Reproduction Netflix
Christmas Movies – Christmas Chronicles – Netflix Playback

Certainly perfect to enjoy with your loved ones, this original Netflix production tells the story of two children who wanted to wait for Santa Claus – they ended up clumsily breaking his sleigh, preventing the good old man from completing the delivery of his gifts. The film is guaranteed fun and will bring you real Christmas cheer!

2. The Noel Family

Christmas Movies - The Noel Family - Netflix Reproduction
Christmas Movies – The Noel Family – Netflix Playback

To be enjoyed by the whole family, the film chronicles the journey of Jules, a boy who faces a real dilemma since his father passed away on New Year’s Eve. However, when his grandfather becomes ill, the boy rediscovers the meaning of this time of year, and learns to admire the Christmas magic. The film can also be seen on Netflix.

3. A boy named Christmas

Christmas Movies - A Boy Called Christmas - Playback Netflix
Christmas Movies – A boy named Christmas – Netflix Playback

Inspired by the book written by Matt Haig, this is a charming film about Nikolas, a boy who, looking for his father, is transported to a magical world. With amazing characters like elves, goblins and talking animals, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who likes to get lost in a good fantasy story.

4. In the Land of Christmas

Filmes de Natal - Na Terra do Natal - Reproducao Netflix
Christmas Movies – In the Land of Christmas – Netflix Playback

Jules Cooper (Nikki Deloach), a successful executive, is given Christmasland by her grandmother, which includes pine trees she used to visit during the holidays. She is faced with the decision to sell the place or take control of the business. However, the New York woman’s plans begin to change when she becomes enchanted with the city’s inhabitants and also with Tucker (Luke Macfarlane), a charming lawyer.

5. Noel’s Diary

Christmas Movies - O Diario de Noel - Reproduction Netflix
Christmas Movies – Noel’s Diary – Netflix Playback

After returning to the place of his youth, a bestselling author is reunited with a woman searching for understanding. Will an old scrapbook of memories hold the key to unlocking their pasts and calming their hearts?


And so, with Christmas approaching, nothing better than gathering the family to watch some movies specially chosen for the date. Thinking about it, we’ve separated these 5 Christmas movies for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Certainly some are classics, others were released recently, but all of them will make the date even more special. Did you like our list? Then comment on which movie you liked the most and be sure to check out more exclusive content on our portal .

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