New rules for joining the Auxílio Brasil: what changes?






The Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Fight against Hunger, published in the Official Gazette this Friday (17), the new guidelines for entry into the Brazil Aid and adherence of families to the program, in addition to changes in benefit payment processes.

The federal government has promoted significant changes in the norms for accessing the program, seeking to improve the effectiveness of Auxílio Brasil. The measures seek to ensure that the most needy families receive aid in a more agile and fair way.

It is essential to emphasize that the changes aim to guarantee the transparency and equity of the program, guaranteeing that families in situations of social vulnerability have access to a minimum income that allows their subsistence.

Therefore, it is essential that families who meet the Auxílio Brasil eligibility criteria are informed about the new guidelines and procedures for requesting and receiving benefits.

Finally, it is important that the population is aware of the changes promoted by the federal government to Auxílio Brasil, in order to ensure that the program can achieve its objective of supporting the most needy families across the country.

Who can apply for the Brazil Aid?

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To qualify for the program, the main criterion is the per capita monthly income of the family. This value is calculated by adding the income of each family member and dividing by the number of people living in the same household.

The program now considers eligible to receive the benefit families with a monthly income of R$ 218 per person. Previously, only families with incomes between R$105.01 and R$210 per person were covered by the program.

To be eligible, families must meet criteria and keep their data updated in CadÚnico (Cadastro Único) in the last 24 months. In addition, the information declared in the registration must be in accordance with the other databases of the federal government.


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How long is the benefit valid for?

The validity of the benefit was extended to 24 months, without canceling payments even if the per capita income of the family exceeds the amount defined as a criterion for receiving the benefit.

However, the income per person in the family cannot exceed half the minimum wage. Previously, per capita family income could not be greater than two and a half times the value established as the poverty line in 2021, or R$525.

The Auxílio Brasil ordinance included the Early Childhood benefit, which was part of the Bolsa Família program, with an additional R$ 150 per child up to 7 years of age. age. However, payment of the benefit is suspended on the day the child turns 7.


Final Considerations

We hope that this article has been useful for you to better understand the changes in Auxílio Brasil and that it can help you make the request benefits more easily. It is important to remember that the new rules are just one of the many measures necessary to guarantee the well-being of Brazilian families in situations of social vulnerability.

In addition, it is essential that the government continues to work to offer efficient and effective public policies that can help fight poverty and inequality in the country.

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