PIS PASEP FGTS: see who receives it and how to check it






Have you heard about the PIS PASEP FGTS? This program, known as the Social Integration Program, aims to provide an amount equivalent to the minimum wage of the previous year to workers in the private sector or public servants who have contributed to Social Security throughout their lives.

However, understanding how this system works can be a little tricky. In this article, we will explore in detail who is entitled to receive the PIS PASEP FGTS and how to make the query to find out if you are eligible. Find out how to take advantage of this benefit and guarantee your rights.

Who receives PIS PASEP FGTS?

Therefore, FGTS PIS PASEP is paid to all employees who are registered with the National Social Security System (INSS) and have a minimum number of days worked in the 12 months prior to their payment . This includes those working one or more jobs, but not those who opted out of coverage at the time of registration.

In addition, the benefit is released to employees based on the total wages received by them during that year, which must not exceed 2 minimum wages, requiring a minimum contribution of 5 years.

How do I know if I am entitled to PIS PASEP FGTS in 2023?

You can check this information online at CAIXA Trabalhador App, or going directly to a lottery network or Caixa bank, all this in a simple and fast way.

The application was considered the official one for consulting this benefit, you just need to access the download store of your mobile device, which can vary from model to model, for example, if you use an Apple device, your store will be the App Store, now if you use Android devices, look for the Play Store store. It’s a search for the name of the employee (cashier worker), make and download, and that’s it! You can now check if you are eligible to receive the benefit.

However, through gov.br you can also find out if you are entitled, the amount of the allowance, the date and bank of receipt if you have already registered, if not, at the time of consultation you can request the account registration. However, be careful, the only banks authorized for receipt are Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil.

As for public sector employees linked to PASEP, verification of the benefit can be done through the Banco do Brasil Customer Service Center (4004-0001, capitals and metropolitan regions, or 0800 729 0001, interior).



Benefit payment schedule

Payment will always be made according to the worker’s date of birth. Always based on the number of months you contributed to the INSS, being able to receive it after 5 years of contribution. Payments will only be made to those who are eligible as per the above requirements. You can consult the benefit payment period below:

Pasep payment table

  • Final registration number: 0 and 1 – Payment on February 15
  • Final registration number: 2 and 3 – Payment on February 17
  • Final registration number: 4 – Payment on February 22nd
  • Final registration number: 5 – Payment on February 24
  • Final registration number: 6 – Payment on March 15
  • Final registration number: 7 – Payment on March 17
  • Final registration number: 8 – Payment on March 22nd
  • Final registration number: 9 – Payment on March 24

PIS payment table for people born in:

  • January: February 8
  • February: February 10th
  • March: February 15th
  • April: February 17th
  • May: February 22nd
  • June: February 24
  • July: March 15th
  • August: March 17
  • September: March 22
  • October: March 24
  • November: March 29
  • December: March 31

But, be aware of the payment dates according to each benefit, where withdrawals are allowed until December 29, 2023, where what is not withdrawn returns to the public coffers.

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What is the amount to be paid?

According to updates, not everyone will receive the full amount of the minimum wage. Since the calculation is then based on the number of months an employee remains employed during the base year. Let’s assume that a professional who was employed for 8 months in 2022 for example and complied with other rules can receive a salary of just over R$ 800. It is calculated by dividing the minimum wage by 12 months – which represents the amount of work per month multiplied by the number of months of active work.

The federal government has several facilities for the interested party to check the amount they have to receive, this through the official government website or the application of the bank responsible for the payment (Caixa Econômica or Banco do Brasil).

What is the amount to be paid in 2023?

Therefore, with the update of the minimum wage in 2023 in the amount of R$ 1,302.00, the value of the benefit is also updated. The rules are clear and do not change. However, we have good news for those who receive the PIS PASEP FGTS, check out how the updated values ​​are.

  • 1 month worked – BRL 108.50
  • 2 months worked – BRL 217.00
  • 3 months worked – BRL 325.50
  • 4 months worked – BRL 434.00
  • 5 months worked – BRL 542.50
  • 6 months worked – BRL 651.00
  • 7 months worked – BRL 759.50
  • 8 months worked – BRL 868.00
  • 9 months worked – BRL 976.50
  • 10 months worked – BRL 1,085.00
  • 11 months worked – BRL 1,193.50
  • 12 months worked – BRL 1,302.00

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Final Considerations

Guaranteeing your rights and benefits is fundamental, and the PIS PASEP FGTS is a form of support for Brazilian workers. By understanding who is entitled to receive this benefit and how to make the appointment, you can plan and take advantage of the amounts you are entitled to.

Through the official application or the gov.br portal, you can check if you are eligible to receive the PIS PASEP FGTS in 2023, the amount to be paid and the date of receipt.

Do not miss the opportunity to consult and enjoy this benefit. Stay up to date, follow our content daily and always be informed about your rights. See you next time!

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