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Many people dream of a guitar learning app that teaches them everything they need to know. Also, most of them dream about this app being online. Well, if you want that, don’t worry, I’m about to give you some good news.

There is an app to learn to play the guitar which allows thousands of people around the world to learn to play the guitar in an easy and simple way, at home easily. This app is called Cifra Club and is close to becoming one of the great music apps.

Continue reading the article and learn how to use the app to learn guitar online, at home!

How does a guitar app teach you?

When thinking about an app that can teach you how to play the guitar, many people end up having a certain prejudice. They think they didn’t learn as well as if they had a private tutor. However, that’s not quite how things work. The app can even be better than the teacher.

By having an application, it is possible to see and review the lessons countless times without getting tired. However, teachers are limited to a limit of hours per day and no revisions. Therefore, if you want simpler, easier and didactic learning, opting for the application is an excellent idea.

The application is completely secure and will not require any kind of extra skills, which is also a huge benefit for users. Therefore, taking online classes is a benefit that everyone can have access to. Therefore, knowledge is always indispensable.

The Cifra Club app teaches you through lessons what to do to improve your guitar learning. It has national and international music charts. In addition, there are classes that teach you about tuning, chords, sheet music and various alternative versions of songs.

How to get Cifra Club on Android

Now that you’ve seen the many benefits that this type of application can offer you, how about learning how to install it on your device Android? See the step by step that we have prepared for you to have an easy and simple installation:

  1. Open your app store Google Play and search for Cifra Club;
  2. You will probably find several results. However, you should click on the one with the most ratings and most downloads;
  3. Then click install to be able to download it on your device. Google Play will take care of installing the app successfully.
  4. Finally, just click open and enjoy your app to learn guitar online.

The application is compatible with the latest and older versions of Android, as it is lightweight and intuitive. It is important that you only download from official stores, thus avoiding any type of virus.

How to get Cifra Club on iOS

If you found that users of iPhone were excluded from this beautiful application, rest assured. It’s more accessible than ever. To download Cifra Club on your iPhone, follow the step by step:

  1. Start by opening the Apple store on your mobile phone;
  2. In the search bar, you must write Cifra Club;
  3. Then, you should click on the result with more ratings and also more downloads;
  4. Finally, click install and wait for the download procedure to complete on your mobile.

Okay, now you, iOS user

a>, you can enjoy Cifra Club as much as users of Android. This way, this app to learn guitar will be available to everyone!

How to use the app to learn guitar?

Now that you know how to install it, it’s important to learn how to use the Cifra Club application. To access the video lessons, there is a very simple way. First, open the app and access the home menu. Then, in the upper left corner, click on access video lessons.

After that, just enjoy. You can use the filters to find many different types of guitar lessons. In addition, you can share with your friends or share classes with them.

You will be able to choose from many musical instruments, as Cifra Club is extremely complete in this regard. Lessons are also as varied as possible, so you can learn a lot more than just chords.

The facilities are immense and now you can take advantage of this app to learn guitar online!

Play the videos and learn how to play simply and easily, without having to have any practice. The application allows learning from zero to 100, so you can really become the true guitar master.

App to learn guitar - Reproduction Pexels
App for learning guitar – Reproduction Pexels


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