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Our brain has several functions and even allows us to train memory. Although we think of it as an automatic organ, like the heart, it is not. Just like the organ that beats in our chest, the brain needs to be well cared for to function optimally and meet our needs.

Taking care of the brain is taking care of life – Training memory

Sometimes we look in the mirror and see a beautiful, gym-trained body. They sell us that this beautiful body is synonymous with good life and well-being. But is it enough to have our toned muscles and our tanned skin to say that we are fine?

Certainly not. To be healthy, a balance between body, mind, social relationships and environment is needed. This means that having good health is not just a matter of looking, but of feeling that everything is going well, in a balanced way.

So, as the brain is part of our rich and complex human body, we also need to take care of it for good health.

Brain and thinking are different things

However, we cannot get confused about one thing: brain and mind are different things. Even though everything we think goes through our brain, many argue that the brain cannot be confused with the mind. This is because we know different things about how each of them works.

To take good care of the brain, we look for a neurologist or a psychiatrist, while to take care of our mind, we need a psychologist or psychoanalyst. These professionals work together to create a balance between these two things, and make our brain act like our mind and vice versa.

Memory and other functions

Within the functions of our brain, one of the most relevant is memory. It is the ability we have to retain the experiences we live, in order to facilitate new experiences. For example, the “guard” what we did to ride a bike for the first time so we don’t have to relearn every time we get on a bike.

Brain functions all need to be healthy to support each other. So if our hearing, which is governed by the brain, is compromised, our memory of sounds won’t work very well. On the other hand, if our memory is not trained, even though our hearing may be in perfect condition, we will not be able to recognize what we are hearing.


Tips for memory training

As part of this training to take care of the health of the brain and its functions, we provide some tips to preserve memory.

1. Eat a variety of foods frequently

Nutrition is an important point in caring for and preserving memory. In addition to foods rich in selenium and omega 3, with fish and seafood, the tip is to maintain a balanced diet. In this sense, eating well means eating a variety of foods, preferably natural, from the earth and from different groups.

Therefore, try to ingest moderate amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and the most varied nutrients throughout the day. With this your body, your brain and your memory will work better.

2. Exercise regularly

Memory depends on overall physical health. Thus, in addition to taking care of food, regular physical exercise is essential. We recommend daily practice of at least 20 minutes of physical exercise.

You can do more, but never less. Do not overdo it, as improper practice can lead to injuries that harm the body and bring stress to the brain.

To perform physical exercises properly, according to your goals, look for a professional, such as a personal trainer or a physical education teacher, in addition to visiting the doctor.

3. Brain training: games and hobbies

The so-called brain workouts are those we are used to seeing in internet games or in general memory tips. Some of them bring more, others less benefits to train the memory. To know which workout to do, the best tip is to check if it was actually developed by neurologists or other brain or memory experts.

In general, you can do crosswords, word searches, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, or any other activities that challenge your ability to remember words or symbols. Card games that demand memorization, such as poker and truco are also activities that exercise the brain, strengthening memory.

Increasingly, interesting apps are available in the google or apple app stores that bring together a series of games and exercises that will train your memory. Use and abuse technology to your advantage!

Trainar a Memória - Reproduction Google Images

Train Memory – Reproduction Google Images

4. Sleep well, do sleep hygiene

Sleep is one of the most important things for health in general, and it couldn’t be different in the case of memory. However, we often neglect our sleep, preoccupied with day-to-day tasks and our work.

Don’t make that mistake. Practice sleep hygiene: choose a time, prepare the place where you are going to sleep with maximum comfort, reduce blue light, especially screens 1 hour beforehand and guarantee a long night’s sleep, without noise or interruptions.

5. No multitasking: one activity at a time

We often imagine that a well-functioning brain is one capable of performing many tasks at the same time. Nothing could be further than the truth. While we might pride ourselves on doing a lot of things simultaneously, it actually just makes the brain fatigue.

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It is important to carry out one task at a time, in a focused and calm manner. I know that today’s world sometimes requires other things, but for memory to work well, focus and concentration is essential. In that sense, you will notice that your productivity will increase when your focus is on one thing at a time. Less but better!


Taking good care of memory is taking care of health and well-being. The balance between a nourished, beautiful body capable of carrying out the tasks that the world imposes with a focused and imaginative mind is what guarantees good health. Be sure to eat well, exercise, train your memory, sleep and concentrate so your memory doesn’t let you down.

For the mind as a whole, we could not fail to mention here, the power of exercising Yoga, learn more about the benefits of this practice this article is really worth checking out! It’s not just the body that needs daily exercise. The mind appreciates those who take care of it with respect and frequency.

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