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Hello, are you thinking of starting cycling? Very good! cycling comes year after year gaining more and more practitioners. However, following some tips for getting started will help you get started correctly and safely in cycling.

Cycling, in addition to being a sport that offers a series of benefits to your body, is also a means of transportation that is widely used around the world. Cities have been adapting more and more, creating bike lanes for people to practice the sport and also to get around on a daily basis.

Whether you are looking for sports training, being in good physical shape, getting around on a daily basis or simply having fun, it is important to know how to choose the right bike and its equipment. Then check out the tips below!

Choosing your cycling bike

To start with cycling it is very important to choose the right bike. Today there are several types of bicycles that will make your cycling experience more pleasant and enjoyable and we’ll talk about them in a moment.

The varieties of bicycle models are so many that they can leave anyone confused before buying their bike. The models basically vary between those ideal for asphalt, for dirt roads or trails, as well as intermediate models between asphalt and trails.

One thing worth taking into account is that there are also models aimed at female and male anatomy. It is not necessary to invest a fortune to buy a bike to start cycling. Even if you already have one, even if you haven’t used it for a long time, just take it for a review and start. And later on, if you want, you can upgrade.

Mountain Bike Bike

If your desire is to go out for trails in the middle of the woods, take dirt roads or even venture up some hills, the mountain bike is the ideal bike to get you started. However, it is the most sought after by those who are going to start cycling.

Mountain bikes have a comfortable geometry, wider tires and are suitable for a dirt road trail. These bikes also have suspension (damping system) to make riding on rough terrain more comfortable and safer.

An advantage of mountain bikes is that you can still ride smoothly on asphalt. However, due to their greater weight and wider tires, they are more difficult to ride on asphalt compared to a road (speed) bike that we will talk about next.

Bikes for road cycling

This bike model is usually more sought after and recommended for those who already have some cycling experience and are looking for performance and riding at a higher speed.

Road bikes are also called speed bikes, they are more aerodynamic, lighter, thinner tires and allow cyclists to ride at higher speeds. However, road bikes can only ride on asphalt.

Gravel bikes

Gravel bikes are still little known because they are recent in cycling. However, due to its versatility, this type of bike is gaining more and more space among cyclists.

This type of bike is similar in geometry to a road bike, however, they are a little more reinforced and have tires that resemble mountain bike tires. Therefore it is possible to walk with them both on dirt and on asphalt.

It is worth remembering that because they are not so specific for roads or asphalt, depending on the type of dirt road or trail you may encounter some difficulty with one of these if you are not an experienced cyclist. Already on the asphalt, there are no problems, only the performance of a gravel bike is lower in relation to a road bike.

Wear appropriate clothing for cycling

The use of suitable clothing for cycling is very important for your comfort, especially if you are going to travel long distances.

Cycling clothes tend to be light and comfortable. Use specific shorts as they have a lining in the intimate parts. Therefore, it brings comfort and prevents rashes in those who travel long distances. An important tip is to avoid using underwear together with cycling shorts, as this will avoid friction and possible rashes.

Cycling shirts are also recommended as they have back pockets that facilitate the transport of small objects such as cell phones, spare air chamber and tools.

Safety First

We’ll leave it to last to talk about the most important recommendation for those who are going to start cycling. The security!

The use of a helmet, gloves and goggles are essential for your safety and you should always use these equipment, whether for a simple walk, for training or to go to work.

Another important item in safety are signaling lanterns. Therefore, you must use the flashlights both during the day and mainly at night. However, also try to wear colorful clothes, as they attract more attention from drivers.


Now you know how to get started in cycling. Choose your bike, your clothes and safety equipment and go pedaling. Bearing in mind that you will be on a public road and all care for your safety is a priority.

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