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Difficulties to study can come to everyone, however, the mind map can be of great help. This type of study organization helps many students around the world to improve their grades.

Through the mental map, it is possible to organize the necessary information in a diagram. Thus facilitating the study of several people who have a more visual memory. Do you want to know what are the benefits of using the mind map and how to do it? Check it out!

What is a Mind Map?

Psychologist Tony Buzan created this study model trying to make people memorize the material read more easily. The mental map or mind map is a simplified diagram with any theme that the person prefers.

Basically, the mind map is the creation of studies through a graph or a table full of symbols and things that facilitate understanding. Thus, the brain can understand more definitively what you want to say or teach.

You can highlight things that are most important and also make it easier to see. In history classes, for example, it is possible to relate the event to the historical context or even the day it happened.

This type of study will make you able to fix the matter and still study much more efficiently and quickly for the test!

How to create your own mind map?

Technically, for you to create your mind map, there are no rules. Therefore, it is possible to make maps in all ways and forms. Highlighting and not highlighting colors and even with any type of teaching or material.

So, throw yourself into your imagination and create your mind map around any topic in your life that you want to memorize. Any discipline can do very well with the study technique.

For example, you can create historical timelines, correlate facts, tell a story through map order, and much more. However, your map needs to be organized so that you can understand what you are trying to convey.

In addition, students who like to draw or make things more colorful and beautiful can take advantage of the mind map to be able to make beautiful art! Thus, this type of technique can captivate even more the attention of those who are studying.

A tactic that facilitates understanding and can still make studying fun is usually required by several people, isn’t it? How about learning step-by-step how to make your mind map in the easiest way possible? See now:

Step by step to create your own:

Creating your own mind map is not as difficult as it seems. See the simplified step-by-step that we have prepared, thus facilitating your search for the perfect map:

  1. Start by taking an empty sheet of paper and turning it over vertically or horizontally. According to the orientation you want;
  2. Next, you should place the main theme of your map in the center of the sheet. If you want, you can draw with fun shapes and figures;
  3. Then, from that element in chronological order, you can make your connections. Most people use arrows, however, the sky is the limit!
  4. If you want to further summarize your material and make it objective, the idea is to use different keywords that are associated with the matter;
  5. Be sure to put all the information that is important in your study inside the map. Locations, causes, hours and much more you need to know. Important details should not be overlooked;
  6. Finally, it is important that you always focus on keeping the information easy and simple to understand at a glance. Ideally, the keywords are worked on, as mentioned above, so that you can keep an easy study.

Unleash your creativity

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to be the most creative person in the world to create your own mind map. However, now is the time for you to unleash your creativity and make the study even more interesting.

Through the mind map, it is possible to turn a task that would be more boring into something smart and fun that facilitates mentalization. So use and abuse shapes, figures and more.

If you enjoyed the article and learning more about mind mapping, be sure to comment and share with all your friends. Also, to make your studies even easier, check out our articles on focus and productivity. See you later!

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