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Have you ever needed to summarize a text online? If your answer is yes, then you know how time-consuming it can be to perform this task manually.

After all, it’s one thing to turn a 2,000-word text into a 500-word text, it’s another thing to take a 300-page book and summarize it in just 30 pages. And believe me, writing 30 pages can be extremely tiring.

But, why spend days summarizing a text by hand if you can use the internet to your advantage and summarize a text online and best of all, all for free in a few minutes.

However, as this is a free tool, as you might imagine, finding a good tool can be tricky. After all, it’s quite common for free tools to have errors or an excessive amount of ads.

Which end up making using the platform almost impossible, because you must surely hate having to see an ad every two minutes on a website. However, it is clear that there are free platforms that have a quality service, and today we are going to show you 3 of them.

When can summarizing online text be useful?

However, have you ever wondered what would make you look for a way to summarize a text online? Usually people who seek these services are college students. After all, it is quite common for these people to be tasked with summarizing a book. Therefore, using an online platform to perform the summary in a faster and more efficient way turns out to be quite common.

Of course, there are many other situations where someone might need to summarize text online, but this is often the main reason. Therefore, paying for a platform that performs such an action ends up being unfeasible, as you will be spending unnecessary money. Taking into account that such works are not given to students very often, therefore using a good free tool is much more indicated.

Best Tools for Summarizing Text Online

As mentioned before, it is quite common that the more expensive a service is, the higher quality it will be and vice versa. However, it is possible to find tools that work very well, even if they are online and available. And to prove this thesis, we separate 3 different tools. And you’ll be able to check out what they are, as well as, of course, how they work.

Turbine Text

The first platform that will be discussed in this article is the Turbine Text platform, to use it, just access the Turbine Text website. And you won’t need to log in, after that, all you have to do is put in the text you want to summarize. It is worth noting that the Turbine Text tool is extremely versatile, and is not just for summarizing online texts.

After all, you can also use Turbine Text to translate texts written in other languages ​​more accurately. Other than that, the tool also has a plagiarism test, however this test can only be used by PRO members. So, to use this tool you need to pay, and the tool’s utilities won’t end yet, taking into account that you can also rewrite the text automatically for free.


Next, we have a platform, Esummarizer, which works very well both on mobile phones and on computers, and which, despite being in English, performs the summary of texts in absolutely any language. Therefore, there is no need to worry, after all, even though it is in English, the platform continues to be extremely simple and intuitive to use, even in another language.

In addition to summarizing texts online and completely free of charge in any language, the platform also has another very useful feature. In addition to performing the summary, the platform also shows you which words are spelled wrong. Which is obviously very useful for anyone who needs that summary for something like a college assignment, as the fewer spelling errors the higher your grade will be.


The next platform on this list is Resoomer, which as the name implies is one of the best platforms to summarize a text online for free. Unlike the previous tool, Resoomer has its entire platform entirely in Portuguese. In addition to having an extremely easy translation service, it can be performed quickly even by those who do not know the platform.

However, if you want to play around with the settings a bit and customize your summary, that’s perfectly fine. Because you can manually configure elements such as, for example, text size or even the type of language that will be used. You can choose between a more formal or informal language, according to your needs.

Which makes it one of the best platforms on the internet when it comes to online translation of texts for free. Well, Resoomer is the platform that presents the largest number of functions in its grid of possibilities, allowing a much more complete summary.

Hope we helped! Check out these tips and be sure to comment if you liked it and of course, to introduce us to other tools that you know and that we have not listed here. In conclusion, recommend this article and help your friends who will also benefit from this content. Until the next reading!

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