Free Routine Apps: The Best






Firstly, you know that feeling when you have several tasks in the day and not know where to start?

That’s why free routine apps are indispensable in terms of organization and focus for any result you want. And above all, preserve what is most important, time.

At first, this happens due to a lack of organization in our daily activities. Above all, thinking about having a practical way to end stress, feeling of delay, loss of productivity, we have free routine apps to bring you a complete solution.

Let’s see the best free routine apps that are available for Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) app.

Do free routine apps really work?

In this sense, we are currently always looking for something practical and effective for our daily lives. This technique of organizing your day with just one click saves you a good amount of time.

Complete applications to carry out tasks, whether doing 5 things a day, and still having the full feeling of accomplishment.


Next, let’s demystify how to have an infallible routine with the most complete and simple method that is to have productivity and satisfaction at the end of the day. Where do you plan to be in 2 years?


Top 6 Free Routine Apps Now Available:


Is it difficult to organize your day?

First and foremost Evernote is a notepad, planner and organizer for taking notes.

It aims to ease thought overload, so it captures everything from spontaneous thoughts to business card contacts.

Let’s go to the strengths of this application:

  1. Cloud integration, when creating a user, everything saved in it will automatically be saved on the internet, that is: being able to access your notes in different ways such as: tablet, cell phone, computer.
  2. Add audio recordings, lists, sketches, photos and more in a single note in any order you like.


At first glance, Pocket helps you with that content you don’t want to forget, but you don’t have a notebook or pen to write it down. You gather important content that you discovered during the day.

Ability to invigorate your attention. You can save the latest stories, news, articles, videos and sports on any desired device, channel or application.

Google Calendar

In this application we have options to create tasks and reminders, being able to activate notifications.

So in the tasks option you can set a date and time for that appointment, and then it ends, giving a check , without you needing to confirm having done it.

Now for those who want confirmation and assurance that you’ve done that important task. Like, for example, paying a bill, it is the infallible and ideal option, as it was only carried out after confirmation.

So we also have the option of integrating Google Calendar and Google keep which is the next free routine app we’re going to talk about.

Google Keep

From the same point of view. This free routine app will be ideal for anyone who likes something very intuitive. This tool allows you to work together with your Gmail, a differentiator in the world of organization apps.

In addition, we have other strengths of this platform, such as:

  1. Extract text from an image (valid for handwritten notes).
  2. Integration between Google Calendar and Google Keep.
  3. Voice notes plus transition.
  4. Keep for docs.

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One of the most desired, Trello is a free routine and organization application that has a differential. It is a tool that allows the team to do any management possibility.

In addition to project, task monitoring and workflow. All this in free format.

Ideal for group work and proactivity, check out one of the best options in this app.

  1. Versatile, create several workspaces (you can create projects within each workspace created).
  2. Produce lists, checklists and charts to facilitate work and organize your projects already done.
  3. Sync, you can share your ideas and work wherever you are. Whether on a beach or even inside the bus.


Finally, the free routine application that seeks to optimize your time and carry out the financial management of your company. Save tasks from the simplest to the most complete, always giving you the freedom to make as many notebooks as you want, and stipulate times for each one of them. Here are some of the most important points of the app.

  1. Manage 40 active projects simultaneously.
  2. Overdue task notifications.
  3. Cash flow
  4. Service invoices
  5. Financial dashboard

What do you think? Anyway, enjoy all the free routine apps and our tips! Make the best of your routine now!

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