The best travel apps to organize and make the most of your vacation!






With the popularization of smartphones, it has become increasingly easier to organize trips. Just download a few travel apps to get all the information you need to plan your next adventure.

The best thing about traveling is enjoying new experiences and sights. However, organizing the trip can be quite stressful and sometimes even expensive.

But don’t worry! There are several travel apps that can help you save time and money. In this post, we list the best and indispensable travel apps for you to download now!

What are the best travel apps that will help you save money?

 From searching for airline tickets to finding a good restaurant for dinner, there’s an app for almost everything when traveling. But with so many options, it’s hard to know which one to choose. For those who want to organize and make the most of their vacation, we’ve separated the best travel apps:


This is one of the most popular apps among travelers, as it offers a wide variety of accommodation options, from houses and apartments to rooms in hostels and inns. In addition, Airbnb is also great for those who want to save on travel, as daily rates are usually much cheaper than in traditional hotels. It is also available for Android and IOS .


On Booking you get the best experience in accommodation available on the internet all over the world. A variety of hotels, inns, vacation homes, car rentals, flights and much more. It is worth remembering that they often offer promotions on different types of packages and the filters for travel searches by interests is something very interesting. Also available for Android and IOS.


Tripadvisor is a must for anyone looking to save on travel. This is because it gathers a wide variety of information about tourist destinations, restaurants, hotels and attractions, in addition to offering a very useful price comparison feature. With Tripadvisor you can also read reviews from other travelers and discover valuable tips to save on your next trip. This app is also available for Android and IOS.


This app is great for those who are going to travel by plane, as it allows you to compare prices of air tickets from the main airlines in Brazil. In addition, 123miles also offers exclusive discounts on airline tickets and tour packages. Certainly another app that is available on Android and IOS.


Moovit is an essential app for those traveling to big cities and don’t want to spend a lot on transportation. That’s because it provides detailed information about public transport (buses, subways, trains) in the main cities in Brazil and around the world. With Moovit you will always know the best way (and the lowest price) to get around the city you are visiting. Furthermore, the app is also available for Android and IOS.

Google Maps

Google Maps is another essential app for anyone looking to save money on travel. That’s because it provides detailed maps of the main tourist destinations in the world and also allows you to find points of interest near your location (restaurants, museums, shops, etc.). In addition, with Google Maps you can check the alternative (shorter) routes to reach your final destination – ideal for those who want to avoid traffic and spend less on transportation! And finally, available for Android and IOS .

Google Translate

This Google app for Android and IOS is perfect for anyone traveling to foreign countries where they don’t speak the local language fluently. Google Translate allows you to translate text into many different languages ​​– just type or speak the text into the app and it will translate instantly! Plus, Google Translate also has an offline feature that works even without internet – just download the languages ​​you need before your trip!

The Fork

This app is perfect for anyone who loves to eat well while traveling! The Fork brings together a complete guide to the best restaurants in the main tourist destinations in the world – just choose a country/city in the app and it will show a list of the best rated restaurants by users. In addition, with The Fork you can reserve tables in restaurants in advance (avoiding queues and setbacks). See here for Android and IOS .

Extra travel saving tips

To save on travel, it is important to research and compare prices for transportation, accommodation and attractions. Plus, you can save even more if you plan your trip in advance, as prices will often go up if you wait to buy tickets or book your hotel at the last minute. Other extra tips on how to save money on travel include:

-Search for available discounts. There are often discounts for students, seniors or people traveling in a group.

-Avoid traveling during school holidays or public holidays, as prices tend to be higher during these periods.

-Look for alternatives to hotels, such as renting an apartment or house for the season. This can be cheaper than staying in a hotel and also gives you more flexibility for cooking and laundry.

-Take public or shared transport whenever possible. Renting a car can be an unnecessary expense in some cities, especially if you don’t intend to leave the city center.

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We hope you enjoyed reading and that you install the apps now to start planning your vacation! Share this post and comment here if you liked it and if you have any suggestions.

May this information be useful for you to better organize your trips and save money on your vacation. Take advantage of the rest of the year to travel the whole world! Thanks for reading!

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