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Hello, how about having an extra source of income? Many people these days, despite already working normally in their professions, are creating ways to get an extra source of income. Therefore, as it is an “extra earning”, as your main income is still working in your profession, any value you get will help you. Both to pay your day-to-day bills, to save money for a trip or simply to have a financial reserve.

However, know that many people who started their business with the goal of extra income, actually after a while were so successful with it and what was supposed to be just an “extra” came to become the main source of income So let’s go to the topics where we will list some ideas on how to get extra income.

Extra income with internet sales

There are several ways to get an extra source of income on the internet. Some ideas include:

  • Sell physical products through e-commerce platforms such as Olx, Shopee, Enjoei or Mercado Livre.
  • Create and sell digital products such as e-books, online courses or business models.
  • Sell services such as graphic design, writing or business consulting.
  • Participate in affiliate programs where you can promote other people’s products and earn a commission on sales.
  • Create a dropshipping business, where you sell products without having to keep them in stock.
  • Sell your skills as a freelancer, such as programming, writing, translation, video editing, social media and more.

Extra income with crafts

Here are some tips to earn extra income with crafts:

  • Identify your talents and skills: Start by thinking about what crafts you enjoy doing and what you’re good at. This could include cooking, sewing, crafting, gardening, and more.
  • Do market research: find out which products or services related to your skills are popular and whether there is demand for them in your area.
  • Create a marketing strategy: Determine how you will promote your products or services and find potential customers. This could include building an online presence, participating in craft fairs, and selling through social media.
  • Create a portfolio: showcase your past work to potential clients, this can be through photos or videos on a social media page or website.
  • Price Fairly: Research the prices of other similar artisans or professionals and set competitive prices. Remember to include material costs and your time in the final price.


Getting Extra Income With Affiliate Groups

Here are some ways to earn income with affiliate groups:

  • Create a blog or website and recommend products related to your niche market. Use affiliate links to redirect visitors to product sales pages.
  • Use social media to promote affiliate products. This could include product posts on your Facebook page, tweets on Twitter, or photos on Instagram.
  • Make videos on YouTube to promote affiliate products. This may include product reviews, tutorials or demonstrations of how to use the products.
  • Join affiliate programs from companies that offer commissions per sale or per click.
  • Create a course or ebook and include affiliate links to products related to the course or ebook content.
  • Partner with other affiliates to mutually promote products and share commissions.
  • Make use of influencer marketing, that is, promote affiliate products through your networks of contacts and followers.

Remember to always follow affiliate and transparent disclosure policies to avoid legal issues.

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Application Driver

A great way to earn extra income is to become an app driver, however you need to meet some basic requirements, including:

  • Have a valid driver’s license: you must have a valid driver’s license in good condition.
  • Own a vehicle: you must have your own vehicle to work as an app driver.
  • Have a mobile device: You must have a mobile device, such as a smartphone, to download and use the driver app.
  • Pass criminal and security background checks: Passing these checks is required to ensure passenger safety.
  • Comply with local regulations: You must comply with local regulations to work as an app driver, which may vary by city or country.

In addition, it is important to have good communication and customer service, including care in cleaning and organizing the vehicle. Thus generating a good user experience to become a successful app driver.

Application Creation

If you have an interesting idea of ​​how to create an application that can help people, know that this is a great source of income, but the ideal is to have a good notion of programming or else, invest a little and hire a programmer. Below are some ways to earn income from building apps.

  • Charging for app download: You can charge a one-time fee to download your app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • In-app purchases: You may offer in-app purchases such as purchasing virtual items or unlocking additional features.
  • Advertising: You can include ads in the app and earn money with every view or click.
  • Subscriptions: You can offer access to exclusive content or additional features through monthly or annual subscriptions.
  • Partnerships: You can partner with companies or brands to offer offers or promotions within the app.

It is important to say that to be successful with the creation of applications, it is necessary to have a good idea, planning and investment in marketing and development.


These were some ideas on how to obtain an extra source of income that could boost your financial income or even become your new profession. You also saw several ideas on how to generate income with products and services and you also saw that the internet is a great tool for this. The ideal is to plan well, start with caution and learn and develop. We wish you great ideas and much success!

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