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The food aid benefit is a social security program designed to offer financial support to workers who lack resources to ensure food security at work, facilitating the purchase of food.

The main objective is to increase the nutritional security and health of workers, as well as provide greater stability in their standard of living. This benefit is granted in the form of food cards, in accordance with the rules of the company or responsible government agency. The Meal or food allowance is a social benefit aimed at low-income families, which aims to provide food to needy people.

To enroll in Auxilio Voucher, the interested party and/or his/her family must meet certain requirements, such as having a per capita family income less than or equal to half a minimum wage and not having been a beneficiary of the Bolsa Família Program or Food Card in recent months. In addition, the applicant must prove his condition of poverty through some documentation established by the entities.

What are the new food aid rules for 2023

The Federal Government has promoted campaigns to encourage the use of the electronic food card, which has become one of the forms of payment for food allowance. In this modality, workers will be able to receive quotas of benefits on the card and use it to make payments such as purchases in supermarkets, restaurants and other establishments that accept the card.

In addition, one of the proposals is also the expansion of the target audience. Currently, Food Allowance is intended only for formal and informal workers, such as the self-employed. However, the government intends to include other segments of workers, expanding the number of people who can enjoy this benefit.

Thus, we can expect that the food allowance for 2023 will bring measures that encourage the use of the electronic food card and expand the list of people eligible to receive this benefit.


Cash Payment of Food Allowance

The Food Aid is a financial benefit granted by the government to Brazilian workers, which aims to help workers pay for food.

In Brazil, this aid has a salary nature, that is, the employer deducts a portion of the worker’s salary for the payment of the Food Allowance.

However, unlike other salary benefits, Food Allowance is paid directly to the worker in cash, that is, the employer does not need to pass on the amount to the company that administers the Allowance.

In this case, the payment method must be the one agreed between the parties, the general rule being the monthly payment directly to the worker.

In addition, the Food Allowance can also be paid on a magnetic card, linked to the worker’s current account, in this case, it must be refined in the employment contract.

In any case, the important thing is that the payment is always made considering the amounts established for the benefit, that is, the employer cannot pay less or more than the Food Allowance.

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How long is the benefit valid

The food allowance is a social benefit granted to workers from different sectors of the economy, such as self-employed, pawned, effective and outsourced workers.

This license has a period of validity determined in each State, which generally varies between 6 and 12 months. After the expiration date, the worker may request the renewal of the food subsidy to the responsible body.

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Step by step to register for the food aid benefit

1. Access the Services Portal of the Ministry of Economy (https://servicos.economia.gov.br/), selecting the “Cadastro” option.

2. Enter your CPF or CNPJ and continue the process in “Start registration”.

3. On the initial registration page of the Services Portal, click on the “Benefits” tab.

4. In this menu, you must select the option “Food Aid”.

5. The next step is to inform all the necessary data of the applicant and his/her benefit, clicking on “Register”.

6. In the last step, you can check the registered data and if they are correct, just click on “Send to the Ministry of Economy” to complete your registration.

Final considerations

Food aid is an important social provision that aims to increase the purchasing power of workers and provide dignified subsistence conditions. It is in everyone’s interest that this benefit becomes even broader, covering a larger number of workers and beneficiaries.

Food aid is also important for the economy, as it helps to stimulate consumption and create jobs. Finally, it is urgent that more appropriate measures be taken to guarantee the effectiveness of this social assistance, encouraging an increase in the number of people served and the quality of food offered.

Okay, now that you know the details of the government’s food aid program federal, see if you meet the criteria and requirements to make your registration. Good luck and success to all!

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