FGTS: understand what will change to pay off your own home installments






A new measure replaces the current one and will allow up to six installments to be paid for those who are in arrears, according to the FGTS Board of Trustees.

As of January, the Indemnity Fund for Length of Service (FGTS) can be used to pay up to six installments of real estate financing. However, this applies to those who are in arrears. The FGTS Board of Trustees approved the measure this Tuesday, December 13.

With this new measure, it will be reduced by half to lack of current rule. Therefore, as before it was possible to pay up to 12 overdue installments, now there will be only 6 installments. Therefore, as traditionally happened, if the borrower does not get approval, he can still amortize up to 3 installments using FGTS resources.

The other rules for using the FGTS will not be changed by the Board of Trustees for home ownership. Therefore, all other conditions for advancing, settling or amortizing part of the installments that are up to date remain the same.

Board of Trustees allows private concessionaires to use the FGTS

Private transport infrastructure companies with operations in ports, airports, highways, waterways and railroads can access FGTS resources. Therefore, these companies will have this access through Pró-Transportes (Transport Infrastructure and Urban Mobility Program). This measure had already been proposed by the (MDR) Ministry of Regional Development.

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Companies will use FGTS resources for specific purposes, through this authorization. Therefore, urban mobility works in the regions affected by the projects will use the fund as financing. Therefore, Pró-Transportes will finance, for example, the connection of an airport and a subway station, the construction of a viaduct over a region affected by a bus or railroad corridor.


The new measure will increase by around BRL 2 billion the contracting of investments by railway, airport and highway concessionaires, according to the MDR.

However, Pró-Transportes also allows access to resources for public agencies (federal and local government), in addition to companies that integrate and operate public urban transport and (SPE) Specific Purpose Society. (Source: Agência Brasil)

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