5 sites for online secret santa that you need to know!






Christmas is coming and, with it, the traditional Secret Santa game. The dynamic is simple: each participant draws a prize and receives the name of a person to give as a gift.

But, to make the game more fun, it is important to choose good sites for online secret santa.

In this article, you will discover 5 sites for secret friends online that will help you make a more fun and unforgettable game.

What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a tradition that consists of a group of people who get together to exchange gifts. Each person in the group is assigned to buy a gift for one other person in the group, anonymously.

The recipient of the gift only finds out who sent it when all the gifts are exchanged and opened.

The importance of making a Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a very popular tradition among friends, family and co-workers. It’s a fun way to give gifts to those who are important to you.

In addition, a secret friend can also help promote unity and a spirit of companionship between people. And finally, fun is guaranteed during this moment of exchanging gifts!

How do online Secret Santa sites work?

Want to join Secret Santa, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! There are several websites that offer the online Secret Santa service. Just choose your favorite and follow the instructions.

But after all, how do online secret friend sites work? Generally, it is necessary to register on the website and create a group. Then, just enter the name and email of the participants. The website does the rest of the work and, on the day of the draw, you can find out who your secret friend will be!

Online Secret Santa sites are a great way to surprise your friends and guarantee a super fun game. Plus, you don’t have to worry about organizing everything yourself. It’s all very simple and practical!

Below we list the 5 best sites to help you with this delicious game.

1 – Secret Santa

amigosecreto.com.br is a site for online secret friends. It works like this: you create an account, register the draw participants and the website does the rest. It will shuffle the names of the participants and assign one to each one at random.

You can choose the date of the draw and the website will send reminders to all participants. In addition, the site also offers several tools to make your draw even more fun, such as games and challenges.

You can choose the number of participants, the maximum gift value and the draw date. The site also sends a message to all draw participants reminding them of the event date.

2 – Secret Santa Giveaway

The website sorteioamigosecreto.com is also a website that helps you organize your own secret friend. Just create your account like the previous site, and then it provides a random number generator so you can create your participant list and then print it or email it.

You can also choose any theme for your giveaway, from birthday parties to corporate events. The site also offers a variety of gift options for you to choose from, such as travel vouchers, everyday items, and even cash.

In addition, it also has several ideas for restrictions and exclusions so that you can organize in the best way. For example, do not draw couples among themselves.

3 – GIFwe

Gifwe.com is an online secret friend site that you definitely need to check out! It was created to simplify the drawing process and make it more fun for everyone.

A difference with Gifwe is that you can include children, elderly people and even your pets in the draw as your dependent, without creating accounts for them. This way everyone can play in an organized way and Gifwe will make your next Secret Santa draw much more fun!

4 – SorteioGo

Sorteiogo.comis a free and easy-to-use online secret santa website. With SorteioGo, you can create your own secret friend online without needing to create an account. However, the rest of the organization regarding values, gift suggestions and dates will be up to you.

To create a draw, simply select the number of participants, their name and email. After that, the website will automatically generate a link and send it to participants via email.

By clicking on the link, participants will be redirected to a page where the name of their hidden friend will be indicated.

5 – Secret Santa 22 App

Secret Santa is an app that you can use to draw friends for your next event. Only the organizer will need to download this app. And then draw the participating group.

This way, everyone will receive an email to view their hidden friend. There is also a view that shows all the draw participants and their choices.

Available for Android and iOS, in the free version It will serve you very well.


We hope you enjoyed the tips on websites for online secret santa that we gave here. All of these sites are safe and offer great fun for those who participate. How about trying some of them? Have fun!

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