Battery health: Learn how to check yours






The battery health is a critical factor in the proper functioning of your hardware. Therefore, we can conclude that it should be observed frequently. In both aspects such as its useful life, charge cycles and evaluating whether you can replace the battery or not.

Also, we must be cautious when choosing a new manufacturer or service provider for this component. Because it must have certification from a responsible body, such as, for example, in Brazil, Anatel (organ responsible for validating electronic components for circulation and marketing of this product, among other aspects not found).

As you probably already know, batteries currently on the market are made of “Lithium” material. Over time it will lead to a chemical process due to downloading and loading and some habits promoted by the user.

Like, for example, letting the charge reach its maximum limit, as the manufacturer recommends keeping the battery percentage between 20% and 80%. To reduce wear and tear, we can conclude that if we take care of the health of our smartphone’s battery, it will have a longer useful life.


How to check your phone’s battery health

To check the useful life we ​​must do some methods the same will be emphasized below:

Method 1: Battery Health Dial Code

  1. Use the smartphone phone app.
  2. In your dialing area, enter the following string “*#*#4636#*#*“. However if your smartphone is Xiaomi, the string will be “*#*#6485#*#*“.
  3. After completing the dialing sequence, a layout will appear with the following options *Phone information *Usage statistics

Method 2: Charge Meter – Battery Health

However, this second method basically consists of going to the Play Store and installing the “Charge Meter” application, after which we will check the battery health. Exemplification:

  1. Open the app and select the battery health tab
  2. After that the application will signal the rate of amperage decrease according to use.

Method 3: Battery health check on iphones

Use the settings function and click on the “Battery” tab when opening this option, battery usage data for the last 24 hours or 7 days will appear. And also an approximate percentage in descending order of how much the applications are consuming more energy.
Being in mind that the maximum capacity of the iphone is 100%, however with time it will wear out 80% means that the performance of the device is already committed! In other words, the usage time will be shorter and the user will need to recharge the iphone frequently. Emphasizing that when the time comes to seek an authorized technical assistance for battery replacement.

Step by Step: How to Properly Charge Your Smartphone

Most of the time cell phone users charge the device improperly causing the battery to wear out more. So, follow the step by step:

  1. Remove the protective cover to prevent overheating of the battery.
  2. Plug your mobile phone into an outlet.
  3. Disable fast charging mode for better battery conservation.
  4. Charging time will vary depending on charging conditions as well as ambient temperature and amperage determined by the charger.

Myths and Truths: What harms your smartphone battery?

Myth : Universal/Parallel Chargers damage and overheat the battery?
False, because universal/parallel chargers can be used, however they must have the same recommended amperage by the manufacturer.

Truth: Does the cell phone in vibrate mode use more battery?
Yes, because the engine that makes the smartphone vibrate uses a high energy demand so I recommend leaving it in silent mode to preserve the battery.

Myth: Putting your cell phone in the refrigerator increases battery performance?
The practice does not work and is not at all true, as inserting your cell phone in the refrigerator can cause damage to the equipment.

Truth: Does activating airplane mode make the cell phone charge faster?
This happens because it disables several functions and applications so that the smartphone can perform better during the loading.

Truth: Leaving the device in places with high temperature affects the useful life of the battery?
Very hot environments are the enemy, number one for those who want a prolonged useful life

So, are you ready to take more care of technology and leave your battery with a functional lifespan? Whenever you have doubts, check out this article and take care of your battery!

Checking battery health in general is becoming a worldwide habit for smartphone users. We hope you enjoyed reading and saw our tips on the subject.

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