Where to stay in Gramado and Canela - A practical guide






Want to know where to stay in Gramado and Canela? These two cities in Serra Gaúcha are true tourist treasures in Brazil.

With breathtaking landscapes and charming architecture, the question that remains is which is the best accommodation option to make the most of what the region has to offer.

In this article, we will explore the best alternatives for your stay, from budget hotels and inns to luxurious options. Shall we go?


Most popular neighborhoods

In Gramado, the most popular and well-located neighborhoods for accommodation are Centro and Planalto. In the Center, you will be close to the main sights, restaurants and shops.

Which is also very interesting because it makes it possible to do many programs on foot. It is certainly the most enjoyable part of walking around and getting to know and recording every corner there.

On Planalto, which is next to the Center, tranquility and contact with nature are the differentials.

Although depending on the tour, it is necessary to rent a car or even order an Uber, for others it is also worth enjoying a good walk with interesting stops at the cafes and chocolatiers that are the charm of Gramado.

Hotels and inns

In the center of Gramado, the Hotel Gramado Interlaken offers comfort and practicality at an affordable price. In Planalto, the Hotel Villa Aconchego de Gramado is a charming option for those who want a more reserved and cozy environment.

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Affordable accommodation

For travelers looking for more economical options, Hostel Chocolatchê, located close to the Center, is an interesting alternative. Another option is the Eleganz Hostel & Suites, which also offers private rooms and exclusive services.

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Luxury accommodation

If you are looking for a luxury experience, Hotel Saint Andrews is the perfect choice. With a panoramic view and first-class services, the hotel provides a unique and unforgettable experience. Another luxury option is the Wish Serrano Resort & Convention, located in the city center and surrounded by beautiful gardens.

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Most popular neighborhoods

In Canela, the best neighborhoods to stay are the Center and the area close to Parque do Caracol. In the Center, you will have easy access to the main sights and services. In the Caracol Park region, contact with nature and tranquility are the highlights.

Hotels and inns

In the center of Canela, Pousada Encantos da Terra offers comfort and good service, combined with a privileged location. Close to Parque do Caracol, the Privilege Apart hotel Mountain Village is an excellent option, with charming and comfortable chalets, indescribable views and tranquility.

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Affordable accommodation

For those looking for more affordable accommodation, the Pousada e Hostel do PIO, located in the Center, is a great alternative. Another option is Chalés Araucárias da Serra, which also offers private rooms, in addition to a welcoming environment.

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Luxury accommodation

In terms of luxury, Canela has the Hotel Jangal das Araucárias Swan Design Hotel, which offers a breathtaking view of the Serra Gaúcha and complete infrastructure for its guests. The Don Ramon Hotel Boutique & Spa is another upscale option, with a full spa and upscale accommodations.

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Hosting Tips

How to choose

When choosing your accommodation in Gramado or Canela, take into account the location, the type of accommodation you prefer and the available budget. Also consider reviews from other guests and the amenities offered.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Gramado and Canela depends on what you are looking for. If you want to take advantage of the cold and the possibility of snow, go during the winter. To enjoy Natal Luz and the Christmas decorations, visit the region between November and January. If you prefer a milder climate, spring and autumn are your best options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best neighborhoods to stay in Gramado?
    The best neighborhoods to stay in Gramado are Centro and Planalto.
  • What are the best neighborhoods in Canela?
    In Canela, the most suitable neighborhoods for accommodation are the Center and the area close to Parque do Caracol.
  • When is the best time to visit Gramado and Canela?
    The best time to visit Gramado and Canela depends on what you are looking for. Winter is ideal for those who want to enjoy the cold and the possibility of snow. The period between November and January is perfect to enjoy Natal Luz and the Christmas decorations. For milder weather, spring and fall are best.
  • Are there any budget accommodation options in Gramado and Canela?
    Yes, there are several options for cheap accommodation in Gramado and Canela, such as hostels and simpler inns. Some options are available at the link above.
  • What are the most famous luxury accommodation in Gramado and Canela?
    In Gramado, the most famous luxury accommodations are the Hotel Saint Andrews and the Wish Serrano Resort & Convention. In Canela, the Hotel Jangal das Araucarias Swan Design Hotel and the Don Ramon Hotel Boutique & Spa.

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Both Gramado and Canela offer excellent accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. When choosing the best alternative for you, consider your location, budget, and desired amenities. Regardless of your choice, make the most of the beauties and charms of Serra Gaúcha!

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