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Maceió, the capital of Alagoas, is a popular tourist destination in Northeast Brazil, known for its beaches with turquoise blue waters that mix with emerald green, white sands, lively nightlife and beautiful landscapes with coconut gardens. Undoubtedly a stunning destination to keep in your memory. So here are some tips for unmissable activities to do in Maceió:

Maceio Beaches

The beaches of Maceió are the main attraction of the city. Some of the most popular beaches include Praia de Pajuçara, Praia do Frances and, Praia de Jatiúca and Praia de Ponta Verde. Each of these beaches offers a different atmosphere, so make sure you visit at least a few of them during your trip.

Try the local cuisine

Maceió is famous for its cuisine, especially for its fresh seafood and seasonings typical of the region. Be sure to try the seafood moqueca, sururu broth and shrimp gum.

Municipal Market of Maceió

This market is one of the main cultural attractions of the city, offering a variety of local products, such as fruits, vegetables, meats and handicrafts. It’s a great place to experience local cuisine and shop.

Learn about the city’s history and culture

Maceió has a rich history and culture, which can be explored in the city’s museums and art galleries. Visit the Théo Brandão Museum, which presents the history and culture of Alagoas, or the Cultural and Exhibition Center, which presents temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. The historic center of the city has colonial houses in pastel colors and also has a 19th-century cathedral.

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Maceió Dunes Park

The Walk to the Dunes of Maceió is an incredible place to walk and enjoy nature. The park has a variety of trails that lead to impressive dunes and breathtaking views of the sea. It’s a great place to go for a hike or jeep tour.

Santa Marta Island

This island is part of the Nine Islands archipelago, and is one of the main tourist attractions in Maceió. It is located about 30 minutes by boat from the city center. The island offers a variety of activities including diving, snorkeling, boat trips and buggy rides.

Mirante São Gonçalo

This is one of the main attractions in Maceió and one of the main tourist attractions in the city. The lookout point is a popular place to take photos and enjoy stunning views of the city and coastline.

Enjoy the nights in Maceió

The city has a bustling nightlife scene, with plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from. So after enjoying the day with paradisiacal beaches and incredible views, be sure to enjoy the night with friends, family, and try the famous and award-winning cachaça while you’re there.


In addition, there are many other fun and interesting activities to do in Maceió. Make sure you plan enough to make the most of your trip. And always remember to check everything in advance, as tourist destinations usually require advance reservations. So make sure you don’t leave any roadmap out. We hope these tips help you make the most of your trip to Maceio. Have a nice trip!

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