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The television series based on the hit game The Last of Us is being developed by HBO. The show will focus on the relationship between main characters Ellie and Joel. It has been revealed that award-winning Chernobyl series writer/director Craig Mazin will write and executive produce the series.

It seems that the creators’ intention will be to attract viewers, bringing back that love-hate relationship between the characters that made the game so popular. Joel and Ellie are the main characters of the game and the story takes place after the localized pandemic that turned humans into zombies.

The two set out on a long journey to find a cure for the epidemic that has swept the modern world. Along the way, they discover much more than they bargained for. The Last Of Us 2 is streaming on the HBO Max streaming channel

The directors of Last Of Us

The game “The Last of Us” was developed by Naughty Dog (a Sony Computer Entertainment studio) and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was directed by Neil Druckmann, who was the game’s creative director and lead writer. Bruce Straley, who previously worked for Naughty Dog on the Uncharted franchise, served as Gameplay Director.

Samuel Horti, in his article for Eurogamer, described Druckmann and Straley’s work as ‘the best marriage of narrative authority and gameplay expertise of the decade’. Druckmann used his story-writing experience to tell the game’s story, while Straley used his game development skills to ensure it executed an addictive gameplay experience.

Nate Wells was the game’s art director. Bachan was also the lead designer, while Richard Cambier was the sound director. Jun Takeuchi was the game’s creative consultant. Harvey Smith was the technical director and Saida Bsoul was the lead animator. The game also featured contributions from various animation studios.


Who will be the characters of the series

The series is practically based on 2 characters, but its cast is quite extensive. Here’s a short list of actors and their respective characters on the show.

—Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller.

—Bella Ramsey as Ellie.

—Nico Parker as Sarah Miller.

—Merle Dandridge as Marlene.

—Scott Shepherd as David.

—Nick Offerman as Bill.

— Ana Torv as Tess.

—Lamar Johnson as Henry.

—Gabriel Luna as Tommy.

—Keivonn Montreal Woodard as Sam.

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What is The Last Of Us about

The Last of Us is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and now also for the PlayStation 4 (PS4). The game was released in June 2013 and involves two main characters, Joel and Ellie, following their adventures across America after a fungus plague turns most humans into zombies.

The game follows the narrative of an epic of human survival in the face of a world destroyed by chaos. The game addresses themes such as overcoming violence, morality, determination, sacrifice, friendship and love. The game was praised for its story, narrative, gameplay, sound, graphics, and soundtrack. It received several awards, including the 2013 Game of the Year.

Who are the fireflies from The Last Of Us

The Fireflies are a rebel faction featured in The Last Of Us game. They are a group of people who have banded together to fight the oppressive military quarantine regime that was established following the mass infection of Cordyceps in humans. They believe that the only way to end the infection is to find a cure, and that’s why they are looking for a group of scientists who can help them in this mission. The Fireflies are led by Marlene and are known to be violent and radical in their quest for a cure. The character Ellie, one of the game’s protagonists, is immune to the Cordyceps infection, and the fireflies believe she may be the key to finding the cure.

Final considerations

The Last Of Us 2 expands and redefines the acclaimed first-part narrative of life consequences and love choices. In The Last Of Us Part 2, you venture into the apocalypse built from a deadly fungus, which exploded the global population in short order.

In this action-adventure game, you follow the drama between the classic character Ellie and his partner Joel in a devastated world filled with threats, discoveries and moral dilemmas. The game has stunning graphics and realistic extreme survival conditions that show the incredible story of friendship between Ellie and Joel.

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