Fly at dawn – Tickets from R$179.90






With more than 20 years in the market, Gol is offering tickets from R$ 179.90 to those who buy tickets during the night. Be sure to check it out!

Flying at dawn is an excellent alternative for those looking for savings and greater flight availability. With air tickets from R$179.90, you can plan your trip with peace of mind and enjoy the advantages of flying during the early hours of the morning. Check out the incredible options in several companies and partner companies that we will show you throughout this article.

In this article, we’ll explore why flying early in the morning is a win-win option and provide some tips for finding the best airfare deals.

Why fly at dawn?

  • Savings on airline tickets: Airlines usually offer lower fares for flights departing in the early hours of the morning, since demand for these times is lower. Take advantage of this opportunity to save on your tickets and invest in other parts of your trip.
  • Fewer delays and cancellations: Early morning flights are less likely to experience delays or cancellations as air traffic is less intense and weather conditions are generally more favorable.
  • Increased flight availability: With fewer people traveling overnight, there are more seats available, which increases your chances of finding the ideal flight to your destination.



Tips for finding airline tickets from R$179.90

1. Search different booking platforms

Use price comparisons and booking platforms to find the best deals on airline tickets. Check fares directly on airline websites and consider purchasing tickets through online travel agencies.


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2. Be flexible with your dates and times

Being willing to fly on different dates and times can significantly increase your chances of finding cheaper flights. Consider traveling on weekdays and avoid holidays and high season periods.

3. Sign up for frequent flyer and loyalty programs

Participating in airline frequent flyer and loyalty programs can help you accumulate points and miles that can be redeemed for discounts or free tickets. Keep an eye out for promotions and offers exclusive to members of these programs.

4. Follow the airlines’ social networks and newsletters

Follow airlines and travel agencies on their social networks and subscribe to their newsletters to receive information about promotions and exclusive discounts.

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5. Book your ticket in advance

Buying airline tickets in advance can guarantee better prices and more seat availability. Experts recommend that you start researching tickets about 3 to 6 months before your intended travel date.

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Deals on early morning flights – Top tips for saving on airfare


Flying at dawn is an attractive option for those looking for savings and greater availability of flights. With airline tickets from R$179.90, enjoy the advantages of traveling during the early hours of the morning and save on your tickets.

Follow our tips to find the best deals and plan your trip with peace of mind. Remember to be flexible with your dates and times, research across different booking platforms and enjoy the benefits of frequent flyer and loyalty programs.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be better prepared to find competitively priced airline tickets and enjoy a smoother, more affordable trip.

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