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Has the au pair exchange in Europe always captivated you? Find out now all about the exchange and how you can be part of this trip and journey around the world!

If taking care of children is something you’ve always enjoyed. The type of au pair exchange may be of great interest to you. On this exchange, you live at your bosses’ house, taking care of the children. Thus, there is a cultural exchange between both.

The exchange is currently available for several countries and several of them are in Europe. Other places that also have the exchange are, for example, the United States and China.

In Europe, this type of exchange is characterized by being even more touristy than in the United States, where many people go to save money. Learn all about the Au Pair exchange program in Europe!

What is Au Pair exchange in Europe?

The au pair exchange is a style of exchange for those who want an experience in another country. It is usually attended by women, however, several men can also participate.

The premise of the exchange is that you take care of the children of the person you live in and also learn the language. In addition, you have the opportunity to spend a year traveling around the country in a simple way, living in it.

Through the exchange program, it is also possible to improve your baby sitter skills. Like putting hours of work with children for other purposes.

You will work about 35-40 hours a week, 7 – 8 hours a day depending on the rules of the chosen country. In addition, you will be entitled to one and a half days off per week and also one free weekend per month. While on vacation, you can benefit from two weeks, but paid.

Basically, the Au Pair exchange student’s obligations are performing tasks related to children, such as:

  • Play with the children;
  • Organize your meals;
  • Take them to school;
  • Wash your clothes;
  • Organize your stuff;
  • Put to sleep;

Of course, tasks will vary from family to family. According to the rules of the exchange, however, you can only do tasks related to the child!

You are a member of the family!

The main premise of this style of exchange is to treat the exchange student as a member of the family. This way, you will be able to feel at home, do all your activities and follow the routine of an intercultural family.

It is important that you respect the norms and rules of the family, but don’t worry if you don’t agree with something, everything will be discussed before you close your match!

If you choose to go with an agency that specializes in au pairs, you can have support and support at all times. That is, there is no need to be afraid, but to take advantage of the exchange. If you need to make a rematch, the agency will help you.

Learn more about the guidelines and rules at International Au Pair Association.< /p>

Do I need to be fluent to do an au pair exchange in Europe?

As stated earlier, the au pair facilitates language learning. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to be fluent to participate in the intercultural program. Of course, mastering a little bit of the language can be an extra point for the family to hire you.

However, they usually want a cultural exchange and people who are willing to learn a little more about the culture and give a little more about their own. So don’t worry, non-fluent people are exactly the program’s target audience.

European Au Pair Countries

It is important to emphasize that there are au pairs in several European countries, including those that do not have an agency. However, you need to be careful as some European countries do not allow people to work as au pairs or support them.

See now a list of countries that allow the program today, with or without a specialized agency:

  • Germany;
  • Belgium;
  • France;
  • Portugal;
  • England;
  • Italy.

If any country is out of this list, just search for au pair programs in it and you will find out if it exists or not.

Au Pair Exchange Program Compensation

One of the most important parts that I’m sure you’re dying to know is how much they pay in the Au Pair program. Well, know that this will vary from country to country. However, they pay an average of 180 to 200 EUR in Europe.

So don’t worry, it’s not 180, not 200 per month, but per week, which is extremely generous remuneration, as there will be no energy, electricity, food or anything else.

Certainly, it’s money to spend on your European experience and that alone! No more homework costs!

But then, were you interested to know the program? Be sure to comment and share with all your friends so you can have a fun exchange. Thanks for reading, follow us by here and see you next time.

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