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The triathlon is a wonderful sport and a lot of improvement, in recent years this sport has been gaining practitioners substantially, as more and more people are looking for health and personal improvement in sports and triathlon provides all of this.

In the following you will find some tips to get started in triathlon that will help you do it in a safe and efficient way.

Learn to be disciplined

The first of the tips for getting started in triathlon may seem discouraging, but truth be told, triathlon is one of the most difficult sports to practice. Because it requires the athlete to practice three sports, which, however, by themselves, even separated, are already quite strenuous. Now imagine the three in sequence! This takes a lot of discipline.

However, the satisfaction of completing a triathlon race is worth every effort without a doubt.
So let’s go to the next tips to get started in the sport.

Swimming for the triathlon

Swimming is the first sport to be practiced in the triathlon and without a doubt it is the most technical of the 3. Swimming requires a lot of technique to develop a good performance without wearing your body too much. After all, you’re just at the beginning and you have to have energy for what comes next.

That said, if you are not experienced in this modality, the ideal is to take classes with a trained professional who will help you develop a good technique.
Especially for swimming in open water, because in triathlon competitions, swimming usually happens in the sea or in rivers, lakes, dams and etc.


Cycling is usually the sport that athletes spend the most time practicing both in competitions and in training, as it is in cycling that the greatest distances are covered. And yet, this is where most people usually make the most mistakes, as they often wear themselves out too much and then fail to perform well in the next modality, which is running.

Cycling also requires a lot of attention, both in training and in competitions, as the risk of accidents is also greater. Try to train in places where traffic allows you to train more safely and always use protective equipment, especially a helmet.

Now regarding performance, try to vary the routes, including some climbs to give you more strength and resistance. However, if you are training for a specific competition, look for information on what the course is like in order to train properly for the type of course you will face.

Triathlon running

A running is one of the most famous and practiced sports in the world. However, triathlon running is a little different. It really is a unique experience. Even those who already have racing experience will have to adapt. Because you will have to run already worn out after swimming and cycling.

So always include transition training, especially after-cycling runs to improve your race in triathlon.

Triathlon transition

Among the tips for getting started in triathlon is the transition. The transition from one sport to another in triathlon can even be considered a fourth modality of the sport, as it is very neglected among amateur athletes. Since they lose a lot of time between getting out of the water and starting to pedal (transition 1), then between getting off the bike and starting the race (transition 2).

So remember to include training to make the transition from one sport to another quickly and efficiently as you should do in competitions to avoid wasting too much time on it and hurting yourself.

Triathlon bodybuilding

Triathlon bodybuilding should focus on gaining strength and endurance to prevent injuries and help you perform well in the sport’s modalities. For this, it is important to choose the right exercises and follow a proper routine. n

In addition, it is necessary to be consistent in practice so that the results appear. With these precautions, you can significantly improve your performance in competitions.

Which type of race to start in Triathlon

To make your debut in a triathlon race, the ideal is to start with short distances to get used to and adapt to the modality. A good distance to start is the short triathlon, which has distances of 750m of swimming, 20km of cycling and 5km of running. These distances are considered short and are great to start with. However, after gaining more experience, you can challenge yourself in bigger races and you can even risk one day doing an Ironman, which is the most dreamed race among triathletes, why not dream about it, right? After all “anything is possible” “anything is possible” . This is the slogan of the Ironman brand, which has the almost incredible distances of 3.8km of swimming, 180km of cycling and nothing less than a marathon (42.1km) of running.


Now that you have the tips to get started in triathlon, it is also worth remembering the importance of eating and adequate rest to perform well in this wonderful sport. Whenever we talk about sport here on the blog, we reinforce the importance of training with specialized monitoring and this is our recommendation of paramount importance.

Finally, we hope you enjoyed reading with cool tips about this sport that grows so much worldwide. So join the world of triathletes too. Enjoy and share this post with a friend and good training!

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