6 ideas to decorate the room with plants






Have you ever thought about being able to decorate your room with plants and make it your own? It really can be that the environment looks amazing!

Most importantly, without having to spend loads of money, being able to fully use your creativity, to be even more your own way. At first we will leave here 6 of the valuable tips to help you.

Certainly we know that most of our plants have a specific place, so they can do the process of photosynthesis during the night too.

Decorating your room with plants may seem simple. However, if you don’t choose the right plants, in addition to not keeping your appearance and appearance healthy, they are also bad for your health.

Health and Wellness

So, choosing the right plants for your bedroom you can have a better quality of sleep, specific plants to decorate the bedroom, release oxygen during the night, which helps you breathe easier while you sleep.


  • 1. Elevated Mood
  • 2. Quality of sleep
  • 3. Improves headaches
  • 4. Filter the air
  • 5. Improvement of stress

We are always dealing with transits, pollution and excessive stress at work. Having plants to decorate your room can be an alternative to get away from our tiring routine, thinking about having a little corner of peace and tranquility. In our own room. It’s worth it!

Above all, I will show you some examples of plants to decorate the bedroom that are allowed and are good for your health.

Plants allowed in the room

  • Lavender
  • Ivy
  • Saint George’s Sword
  • Gerbera
  • Palm-Bamboo
  • Gardenia
  • Succulents

Top 6 ideas to decorate your room with plants

1. Shelf and waterfall effect

Room with Plants - Pexels Source
Room with Plants – Source Pexels

First of all, analyzing the space you have can already give you great ideas for decorating the room with plants. For example:

Mount a shelf above the bed, where you can place several species of medium to small plants. (Cascade effect with ferns, green grass among others).

2. Macramé for plants

Room with Plants - Fonte House&Home
Room with Plants – Font House&Home

At the same time, you can do a “do it yourself” or buy a macramé to decorate your room with plants, prices are on average from 13 reais to 30 reais.

Room with Plants - Google Images Source
Room with Plants – Source Google Images

As well as being able to choose the places in your room to leave your macramé, for example, corners of the room, near doors and chests of drawers.

3. Bedside table 

Room with Plants - Source Google Images
Room with Plants – Source Google Images

One of the simplest ways for you to have your little plant literally by your side, in this sense you can choose from countless types, such as lavenders and terrariums, which are up to you on how it will be done, use and abuse your creativity when making terrariums . You can make a unique style that only you will have!

Step by step to make terrariums:

1. You can get moss from little plants in your garden.

2. Soil: get soil with a lot of organic matter, that is, the remains of decomposed leaves and branches. Or topsoil that you can buy.

3. Glass jars that have lids that can be sealed. Regardless of the shape of your pot.

4. Wash your pot with soap and water and then wipe it with an alcohol cloth.

5. Place small pebbles, then place a piece of cloth, a little smaller than the width of the pot, so that they do not appear when we are finished.

6. Put the soil over the blanket gradually.

7. Now place the mosses and seedlings you want.

8. Decorate as you wish, you can choose for example stones and tree bark. It’s up to you!

9. Finally, water your terrarium with a little water and close the lid. If you have added too much water, leave it open.

4. Beds made with pallets

Bedroom with Plants - Source Google Images
Bedroom with Plants – Source Google Images

At first pallets do not attract much attention. Until you discover that, in addition to being cost-effective, they can be made out of bed with your little plants around.

You can place it at the head of your bed, or even the foot of your pallet bed.

5. Wall niches

Bedroom with Plants - Source Google Images
Bedroom with Plants – Source Google Images

In any case, wall niches can give your room a very classy look.

You can make your niches with cheap materials or even for free!

Great examples such as ice cream sticks, MDF, cardboard and EVA.

It is your choice, where you will place your niches in the room and which plant will be the lucky one.

6. Hang plants on the wall and windows

Room with Plants - Source Google Images
Room with Plants – Source Google Images

Use and abuse your creativity!

Hanging plants on the wall with your own branches can be a simple and very creative way of decorating. In addition, the best without spending anything. Like, for example, the garland, yatim or green herb.


In conclusion, decorating your room with plants is therapy! From choosing materials, types of plants and locations, to waking up every day and appreciating your little plants. So if our article inspired you, let us know in the comments and put it into practice now. Enjoy and forward to your friends and good work!

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