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WhatsApp Business is the business version of the world’s best text messaging app. Many people already do business through WhatsApp for a long time. Therefore, the company decided to finally create WhatsApp Business, which facilitates these businesses in an easy and simple way, with special tools.

From there, it is possible to close deals in different sectors easily, receive payments, exchange messages and much more. Therefore, most people who have their physical or virtual businesses have already joined this application.

If you want to understand a little more about WhatsApp Business and the benefits it can bring to your life, continue reading the article and see the best tips!

Always have a number just for WhatsApp Business

When you have your own business, it is very easy to confuse things and use your personal number for everything. However, one of the best tips to follow on WhatsApp Business is not to use the business number for personal situations and vice versa.

Having a number just for your business will facilitate not only the delivery of services, but also the contact with customers. Therefore, avoid mixing things up to avoid confusion and keep professionalism up to date. Also, one of the great benefits of having your business separated from your personal life is not cluttering up your address book.

Use playlists smartly

Broadcast lists are a great help in WhatsApp Business. However, many people and small businesses do not know how to use these lists correctly to gain more customers. The audience needs to be segmented.

For this, you can separate your audience into small transmission lists such as frequent sporadic customers and those who have never been to the establishment. In this way, the amount and difference of spam can be smaller between each of these types.

It is easier to win customers through segmentation and, thus, also get more profit from the platform.

Keep your business catalog organized

WhatsApp Business currently has a catalog option that allows all entrepreneurs to put their products up for sale. The purchase is not made directly from the catalogue, however, it is like a showcase to display the products.

Through the catalog it is possible to captivate customers and make them even more interested in the products you sell. Therefore, with each inventory update, it is important to update the catalog frequently.

That way, people enter your conversation and already know what you sell and what you have available. Thus, it avoids wasting time and also makes you able to sell more. In a didactic and quick way.

Create groups for loyal customers on WhatsApp Business

Have you ever heard that customer loyalty is the soul of business? Well, by creating a special WhatsApp Business group for your customers, it is possible to achieve greater loyalty and also greater sales for these people.

In the loyalty group, you will be able to place special discounts and many other things that will facilitate the access of each one. This way, people will be interested in the service you have to offer.

By creating this type of groups, it is possible to retain the loyalty of the customer who was already loyal and make him even more interested. Therefore, use and abuse the tool to make your sales even more viable and interesting.

Promote WhatsApp Business as a sales channel

Probably you who have a business, know the importance of publicizing your products in sales channels. WhatsApp business can be a very interesting sales channel because it is widely publicized by the company.

In addition, you can program automatic greeting messages, absence messages, quick responses with shortcuts and color labels to organize your customer list.

And it even has the facility to advertise your products and services to Facebook and Instagram directly from the app, using your photos from the catalogue, your statuses or even your gallery as a basis, isn’t that amazing?

In this way, concentrating the promotion of your business within the platform can not only increase results, but also make your products known to more people. After all, everyone uses WhatsApp and nowadays see it as a necessity for people to communicate.

Use WhatsApp Pay

We know that WhatsApp Pay is not the most practical tool that exists for sellers and entrepreneurs. However, placing this payment method in your catalog will allow you to sell even more.

Because it is something directly legal on the platform, it is easier for people to assimilate and pay. So this is a feature you can utilize and make your sales even easier.

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