7 apps to study online and take the entrance exam!






Firstly, with the popularization of smartphones, there are more and more apps to study online. They are a great tool for anyone who wants to take the entrance exam.

So in this article, we’re going to show you 7 apps to study online and take the entrance exam to the letter. They are apps that will help you study in a more efficient, organized and focused way.

In addition, the apps are also useful for those who want to keep up to date with the main news in the world of entrance exams.

The importance of apps for studying online

Certainly, apps to study online are extremely important for students who want to take the entrance exam. Because they offer a variety of useful features, such as access to the best virtual libraries, online dictionaries and translators, as well as allowing students to take notes and share their study materials with other users. In addition, online study apps can also be used as a powerful motivational tool, as many of them offer rewards for user progress.

7 apps to study online and take the entrance exam with ease

First, here are some tips for getting organized and prepared:

1. Download the app for the study platform you want to use;

2. Create an account and choose your period of study;

3. Select the subjects you need to study for the entrance exam;

4. Choose the contents you want to study and create your own handouts;

5. Start your studies at your own pace, attending classes and doing exercises;

6. Track your progress and review the most difficult content;

7. Put everything into practice in the entrance exam!

There are numerous options for apps to study online. In this post, we have gathered the options that we consider to be the best, including by editors’ preference.

So here we go:

1 – Brainly

Brainly is a question-and-answer learning platform where students can share their knowledge and get help from other students. The platform offers a collaborative and interactive environment for students to learn from each other, exchanging ideas and solutions to problems. Brainly also has a network of experts who are available to answer student questions. With all these features, Brainly has become a great tool for learning. Available on Android and IOS< /a>.

2 – Duolingo

Duolingo is a language-learning app that offers courses in many languages, with options for beginners and advanced. It uses a gamification-based methodology, which makes the learning process more fun and interesting. In addition, the app also offers extra features like dictionaries and translations to make learning easier. Available for Android and IOS.

3 – Note 1000

This application is an application that corrects students’ essays, offering personalized feedback for each text. It analyzes your text and identifies errors, suggesting ways to improve your writing. In addition, the app also offers tips and guidelines on how to write a good essay, which makes the app a very useful tool for anyone who wants to improve their writing. It is available for Android and IOS.

4 – ReviewApp

The RevisApp is an application that helps students review the content of disciplines, with exercise questions and simulations. It offers an efficient and convenient way to study, allowing students to access review material anywhere and anytime. In addition, the app also provides a ranking of users to further encourage study. Available for Android and IOS.. p>

5 – Photomath

Photomath is an app that teaches you to do mathematical calculations in a simple and intuitive way. In addition, the application uses image recognition to solve mathematical problems, teaching the solution step by step. With Photomath, you will learn how to solve problems quickly and efficiently, becoming a math expert. This one is essential, available for Android and IOS.

6 – Stoodi

Stoodi is an app aimed at studying math, where you’ll find exercises, video lessons and other resources to take the entrance exams! The content is available free of charge and can be accessed offline, which makes it easier and more practical for students. In addition, the video classes are short and didactic, facilitating learning. And it’s available for Android and IOS.

7 – Khan Academy

A free distance learning platform that offers courses in several areas of knowledge, including the most charged in entrance exams, such as science and history. Plus a library of educational videos. Available at Android and IOS.


In conclusion, we hope that with the indications of applications to study that we have given you, you have become more organized and feel encouraged to study for the entrance exam. See the apps, study and tell us if you liked them. Also share with student friends!

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