5 snacks for watching football games that you will love!






Football in Brazil is always in full swing, many fans are getting ready to watch the games at home, in the company of friends and family. And one of the best ways to enjoy a good game is with a good snack table.

With that in mind, we’ve separated 5 snacks to watch football games that you’ll love! They are easy and tasty recipes that will make your day even more special.

Follow the text to find out which are the snacks that cannot be missing from your table during a football game!

Soccer and snacks to watch games: a perfect combination

The state championships and the Brasileirão are there, with that, the desire to watch the games in good company. And what goes better with a good game than some tasty snacks? We selected 5 snacks to watch football games that you will love!


5 snacks for watching football games that you’ll love

– 1. Meat pie

Meat is one of the most versatile foods that exist and, therefore, is one of the most used ingredients in cooking. Therefore, it can be used to make tasty and nutritious dishes, as well as tasty snacks to be enjoyed while watching a football game.

Meat pastel is a snack that is sure to please all meat lovers. It is made with ground beef, seasoned with various ingredients and wrapped in a lightly fried dough. Therefore, these pastries are perfect to be served as a starter or appetizer and can be enjoyed throughout the game.

snacks to watch World Cup games
Meat Pie / Pexels Source

– 2. Empanadas

Empanadas are a traditional food from Argentina and Uruguay, and are extremely popular in Latin America. They are small pastries of puff pastry stuffed with meat, chicken or cheese, and can be fried or baked.

So they are a great option for a quick snack while watching your favorite team. In addition, they can also be served with a spicy sauce or fruit chutney for an extra kick of flavor.

Snacks to watch World Cup games
Empanadas / Pexels Source

– 3. Croquettes

The croquettes are a perfect snack to watch a good football game. They are easy to prepare and can be made with a variety of ingredients. So, here are three croquette recipes you’ll love:

1. Chicken Croquettes: Chicken croquettes are a great snack option. They are easy to prepare and are delicious when accompanied with a sausage or a piece of bread.

2. Meat croquettes: Meat croquettes are a more robust version of the classic snack. They are great for those who want a more substantial dish to accompany their team’s games.

3. Vegetable croquettes: vegetable croquettes are a great option for vegetarians and those looking for a lighter meal. They are easy to prepare and can be served with various accompaniments, such as sauces or salads.

Snacks to watch World Cup games
Croquettes / Pexels font

– 4. Cheese bread

Pão de queijo is a traditional Brazilian snack that is perfect for watching soccer games. It’s made with cheese and sprinkles, and it’s super easy to make. You can find the recipe online or in Brazilian cookbooks.

Pão de queijo is a perfect snack for any occasion, especially if you are watching a football match. It’s quick and easy to make, and the ingredients are cheap and easy to find. So if you’re looking for a light meal or a quick snack, cheese bread is a great option.

platter of cheese bread

Pão de Queijo / Pixabay font

– 5. Codfish cake

Bolinho de bacalhau is a traditional Portuguese and Brazilian snack. It is made with cod, potatoes, onions and seasonings, and is delicious accompanied by a good Vinho Verde, according to the recommendations of specialists in the field at Vinotícias.

Certainly a classic appetizer, the codfish cake is a great option to share during a game. Tasty and easy to prepare, this snack is a great choice for those who want to escape the traditional saltiness.

Pão de Queijo / Fonte Pexels
Cod Cake / Pexels Source


We hope you enjoyed reading. So let’s go, get your hands dirty and make the recipes, gather your friends and share this post. It certainly is always so good to share these moments… Now all you have to do is cheer for your favorite team and enjoy the snacks we prepared for you!

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