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Podcasts are a great way to stay informed and entertained. They’re easy to listen to while you’re driving, walking, or just relaxing. There are podcasts for just about every taste, from news and politics to stories and comedy.

With so many podcasts available, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are 10 of the best podcasts you need to know about. This content will cover the 10 best podcasts to stay informed and entertained.

Story Box

Caixa de Histórias is a literary podcast created to enhance the reader’s experience. Each episode tells an excerpt from a work, narrated and commented that holds the listener’s attention. A delight to travel through stories and appreciate literary works in a different way. It is worth knowing!

Frontiers of Science

There’s no doubt that science is constantly evolving, and as we discover more about the universe, it becomes increasingly clear just how much there is to learn. The podcast “Frontiers of Science” tackles some of the most interesting topics in modern science in a light-hearted way, making them accessible to everyone. If you’re interested in science and want to learn about the latest advances, this is the perfect podcast for you.


Lidercast is an amazing podcast about leadership and entrepreneurship in an informal chat. It features interviews with business and organizational leaders who share their insights into leadership challenges. Lidercast is presented by the writer, cartoonist Luciano Pires, who is also the author of 5 books, among them, the book “Diário de um Líder”. Unmissable, stop by!


The Commenters

Os Commentadores is the podcast that talks about the podosphere, comments and news about the world of podcasts in Brazil. A great program to stay on top of the news and find out more about this topic. Always good to go there!

On Track

The “Na Trilha” – an outdoor sports podcast. So it’s a great podcast for anyone who likes to hear about other people’s experiences, learn and get motivated. In it, presenters receive guests who bring interesting stories about their favorite sports and share their experiences. Certainly, a show of motivation!

The Name of It Is World

O Nome Disso é Mundo interviews Brazilian expatriates who are living in different countries. They talk about what the experience of living in another country is like, how they adapted and what they like most about the new culture. An incredible journey and rich in content. Try it!

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Human Projects

A podcast dedicated to showing that human acts reveal enormous riches, even the most banal ones. Above all, real cases of real people. A show of engaging narratives, cited as one of the best Brazilian podcasts. You can’t miss it, right?

Photographer Talk

Papo de Fotógrafo is one of the biggest podcasts in Brazil, which deals with subjects related to photography at all levels. From professionals, amateurs and photography lovers, in a relaxed, fun chat filled with lots of information. For lovers of the world of photography, it is a must!

Rapadura Cast

Rapadura Cast is the pioneering podcast, with more than 10 years on cinema, series and streaming. Presented by Jurandir Filho, Thiago Siqueira, among others, the program is considered one of the best podcasts in Brazil. However, a true experience about the world of cinema, releases, great classics and much more. It’s really worth it if you don’t already know it.


And finally, of course, we could not fail to mention Podpah. Considered one of the largest audience channels, coming from Youtube, Podpah is a very strong interview podcast, which is in the first place of the most listened in Brazil in 2022. In addition, it was also the first podcast to use the video functionality, available on the Spotify platform this year.

Best Podcasts Completion

In conclusion, we hope that, after reading this post, you are aware of at least 10 of the best podcasts available today. However, unlike other means of content consumption, podcasts have been gaining more and more space, and this is due to their practicality and their ideal format for listening during physical exercise, commuting to work or any other activity that do not allow viewing of videos. Did you like the indications? Then share this post on social networks and help your friends find the best podcasts to stay informed!

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