Learn how to set priorities and execute tasks with more peace of mind






Defining priorities and carrying out tasks with peace of mind is ideal for achieving a full and easy-to-learn routine. However, many people fail to focus on one thing or at least learn to manage the most important priorities and issues of the day.

Therefore, you need a guide or at least some extra help so that you can set your priorities and therefore be able to perform all the important tasks of the day.

Let’s agree that it’s better to do at least the important tasks than to end up not doing any of them and getting even more involved. Therefore, today we came to teach you how to set priorities and execute tasks. You will stop having a messy routine. Shall we go?

Gather your tasks into a list to set priorities and execute tasks

You’ve probably seen a lot of boards asking you to make a list. However, we are not going to ask you to make just any list. It’s a hierarchical list of priorities.

You need to learn to set your priorities on a list so that you can do what is most important before what is less important. After all, a very wrong thing that many people do is to put all the tasks as “flour from the same bag”.

This is wrong, because not all tasks are given priority in a day. Therefore, you are and should be aware that you are error prone. So, if the hardest tasks are done first, the others won’t complicate your life as much.

Write down all the tasks you need to do in order of priority and always follow them daily. Everything you need. Of course, always trying to fulfill all, but at least when it doesn’t, you won’t feel guilty. Note that the “check” in each accomplished task brings you a delicious feeling of accomplishment. And that is very motivating to keep going.

Deal with boring and complex tasks first

Probably, and I say this with a lot of conviction, you leave the most boring tasks for last. Well, I knew this is common and most people end up doing this, but it’s wrong. The right thing is to do the most difficult tasks first to be free for the rest of the day.

Are you going to say that you never had the feeling of procrastinating that long task and spend all day thinking about it? So, if you tackle the boring and complex tasks first, your productivity will improve.

This is one of the big steps for you to be able to set priorities and execute tasks. After all, getting rid of the boring tasks makes it easier to perform the others.

Define importance and urgency

So that you can organize your list in hierarchical order, you need to distinguish between what is important and what is urgent. Know that not everything that is important is urgent and not everything that is urgent is important. Yeah, want to see an example?

Imagine you received a sales email. The person needs an urgent response for some reason. However, that is not important to you or your work. Then you will have to define whether this task should be done now or not.

Basically, this is what this method defines. You should separate your tasks in order of importance and urgency. The most important ones come first, depending on how urgent they are. This will make it much easier to prioritize what really matters.

Assign letters to set priorities and run tasks

Many people like to assign letters according to importance. Thus, they can better define their priorities, without having to sacrifice their time. That is, after organizing your to-do list, you can assign letters.

For example, A for very important task, B for moderately important task, and C for not very important task. That way, when you skim the list, you’ll be able to know what’s most important to start with and what’s least.

This is a very effective organization method that can be done daily according to your routine and necessary tasks.

For example, when making a list of your day, you might come across a rather crowded one. When you see that you only have 6 hours of work left, you can see which are the most important tasks to be carried out and leave the others for tomorrow.

That way, your day won’t get overly boring and difficult. This will make prioritizing much easier. Ideally, you should always do this to maintain good and constant productivity.

If you liked the article and it helped you, be sure to share it with all your friends. This way they will also be able to learn to set priorities and perform tasks with excellence. Comment what you think so everyone can know your opinion, and if you have any other tips comment! Thank you for reading and until next time!

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