Swimming and its main benefits






Swimming is one of the most recognized sports and recommended by experts when considering the benefits of physical activity. During the practice of this sport practically your whole body is worked, including your brain.

We are going to talk about some reasons why you should consider starting swimming as soon as possible and how to start in the sport that we are sure you will not regret having started.

Benefits of swimming for the body

Swimming is one of the sports that most benefit your body. During the practice of swimming all the musculature of your body is worked. Upper limbs (arms, abdomen, shoulders, pectorals and back) and lower limbs (legs) are very demanding in this sport without causing an impact on the joints and risk of injury as in running. That’s why it’s very suitable for those who are overweight or recovering from an injury. However, its benefits go far beyond aesthetics.

Swimming helps strengthen your muscles as well as your nerves, ligaments and tendons. It also helps regulate your blood pressure, improves blood circulation and consequently protects and strengthens your heart. However, its benefits for the body do not stop there.

Among the main benefits of the sport is also the improvement of the respiratory condition. This is one of the main reasons doctors always recommend swimming for people who have an impaired respiratory condition.

Benefits of swimming for the brain

Swimming brings countless benefits to our brain. There are now several medical and scientific researches helping to prove this benefit. Among these benefits are the improvement of cognitive function, improvement of reasoning and even prevention of degenerative diseases.

A fun fact about swimming and how it can help brain activity is that when practicing the sport, the individual is always obliged to be counting and memorizing something. Because when swimming we always have to be counting and memorizing the distances, strokes or the number of series we are performing. So swimmers are always working their brain more than just their muscles.

Getting started with swimming

To start swimming, you should look for a gym and be accompanied by a teacher, so that you will be able to develop in the sport and make the best use of its benefits, since swimming is a sport that requires a lot of technique.


Wear sport-specific glasses, nothing too expensive or flashy, but should protect your eyes. If the pool where you train is not covered and your training time is during daylight, it is essential to use sunscreen.

Another thing to pay attention to is eating before swimming. You’ve probably heard of it, don’t have a full stomach. However training with hunger should not be done either. Therefore, plan well as to the time and what you will eat next to your swimming training.

If you can’t swim, start with water aerobics

Many people, especially elderly people or people with a history of injuries and also in the recent recovery phase of some type of surgical procedure, have some difficulty or restriction in the practice of swimming.

In these cases, hydrogymnastics is a good option to start an activity in a pool and, if possible, later on, start swimming little by little in a safe and well-advised way.


We saw above that swimming is one of the most complete sports that exists and that its practice brings a series of benefits to your body. you also saw how to start in the sport in a safe and proper way and if for some reason it is not possible to swim. Hydrogymnastics is a great option to start your contact with water activities.

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