Entrepreneurship: Important tips for those who want to start






We are going to give important tips here for those who want to start undertaking and also for those who already do it but are always looking for evolution.

Come on, these are some simple tips, however very important for your business, but often the entrepreneur is not properly prepared and ends up not progressing in business due to lack of preparation.

Knowing how to persist to undertake

If you want to undertake or already do, know this: If you are not willing to try, try and try, many and many times go wrong, then don’t even start.

You will hardly get it right at the beginning, however that does not mean that some things going wrong especially at the beginning you should give up, these “mistakes” and “failures” will always be part of your learning and evolution, but you must be prepared for it.

Don’t go into debt when starting your own business

Starting a venture with debt is the beginning of your end.

We all know that the interest rates applied on financial loans even for legal entities no matter how hard they try to make you think they are good, in fact they are never good. Soon this will make you start your venture with the need to generate profits right at the beginning because you already have a debt to pay. However, this pressure to generate income right at the beginning will generate an anxiety to make a quick profit that can hinder your ability to manage your business.

So start with your own money and preferably with a cash to survive for periods when the profit is small or maybe not yet.

Be prepared for the unexpected

It seems worrying to say that, however, just go back a little in time, to our recent past, and we will already remember what happened to many enterprises. Both some that were in the beginning, and even others that had been consolidated for some time, but were not prepared for unforeseen events.

Of course, the example may seem a bit extreme and we hope it won’t be repeated any time soon. However, being prepared for what you don’t even imagine could happen, can save you from seeing your entrepreneurial dream come to an early end.

But how to do that?

The entrepreneur must always be prepared with a financial reserve and especially prepare emotionally and mentally for major obstacles that may arise. Because without that, the rush to get it right can lead you to make hasty decisions. However, these can make the situation of your enterprise even worse.

Obviously, we don’t want to have to say the famous phrase “I didn’t expect that one” , so that’s why you should prepare and guard against it.

Watch out for new ideas – be careful

This tip seems silly, but believe me, many ventures have already gone wrong or even not even started due to listening too much to the opinion and ideas of others.

Everyone, and we have to emphasize this, everyone, especially if you are just starting out, will teach you how to run your business. Especially in the beginning and most of the time it just gets in the way. However, the funniest thing is that in the midst of so many people trying to help or hinder you (that’s right, there will be some trying to interfere) a spectacular idea can come out that will help you a lot.

So learn not to be too affected by what you hear, because there’s no way to avoid it, they’ll get into your business, but also learn to filter because that might even help you.

Value your employees and collaborators

You will always have people by your side to help turn the wheels of your enterprise. Whether employees or collaborators and suppliers, value them, especially the good and competent ones. Give participation, help, but it is very important not to lose the good ones. Well, believe me, when you lose them, you will later regret not having tried something to prevent them from leaving you.

Start Entrepreneurship

And finally, the shortest of the tips, yet the most important. START! DO IT!

If you don’t start, you’ll never do anything, don’t stay behind perfection, allow yourself and be prepared to make mistakes and try again, remember the phrase. “Done is better than perfect.”

“Try to move the world – the first step will be to move yourself.”


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