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Terrariums offer a great way to bring nature indoors without a lot of maintenance. Once you have your container and your plants, it’s just a matter of watering them every now and then.

They are easy enough for beginners, but interesting enough for experienced gardeners! In this article, we’ll review how to choose the right plants for your terrarium, what containers are best for them, and tips on how to grow succulents inside glass jars.

Want to understand all this and more? Continue reading the article we have prepared and take advantage of all the information provided!

What is a terrarium? Tips for having one!

The terrarium is a container that facilitates the life of the plant. It enables them to grow in the best way using a great medium for that. In addition, they greatly facilitate the habituation of the plant to that place, bringing more vivacity to it.

A good terrarium should be suitable in several ways. And that’s why there are some tips that make life easier for all breeders and growers who have terrariums. Read on and discover them all to become an expert!

We guarantee that it is not difficult and will bring a long journey and a huge pastime into your life. After all, terrariums can be very interesting.

Terrário - Pexels Reproduction
Terrarium – Reproduction Pexels

Choose your plants by their size and growth habit

Succulents are a great choice for terrariums because they are small and easy to arrange. They can also survive the dry conditions of an enclosed space, making them perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time to water their plants.

Some succulents are more compact than others, so it’s important to choose one that fits comfortably in your terrarium, without overpowering other plants taking up too much space.

If you have a sunny spot in your home, consider bringing your terrarium outside on nice days so that it has maximum exposure to light – and remember: no matter where you keep it, make sure there’s plenty of ventilation.


Complementary and contrasting plants for terrarium

Don’t choose plants of the same species and size, or they will all grow at the same rate and be out of proportion. For example, if you have three small succulents in a terrarium, each one should be different from the others.

Terrarium – Reproduction Pexels

Consider the aesthetics of your plants

Appearance is key. You want your terrarium to be attractive, so it’s important to choose plants that have different colors and textures.

Plants should be easy to maintain. In addition, it is important that they have similar growth habits, so that they are easier to keep together in the same container than separately. For example, if you use small succulents with tall cacti, one might not fit under the other if they aren’t healthy at the same time.

There needs to be a variety of heights, widths and growth habits in each pot – this not only improves the appearance, but also helps to extend the life of your crops, ensuring that there is no shortage of water or food for any of them.

Grow succulents in a terrarium? Be careful!

Most succulents are easy to care for, but still require some attention. First, they need a lot of light. The amount of light your terrarium receives depends on the type of container you use and the amount of glass covering it.

Secondly, succulents need a lot of water – more than many other plants, because they store water in their leaves and stems. Third, succulents need ample space to grow into beautiful specimens that will make an impact in your home or office decor. It will be a delicious experience to have a succulent terrarium!

Terrarium – Reproduction Pexels

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Terrariums are easy to grow, using a variety of techniques and containers.

The most popular method is to use a small glass container, but terrariums can be planted in any closed container.

You can also make an outdoor terrarium by putting soil in a small planter box or planting directly into the soil.

If you want to venture a little further, you can even build your own container out of wood and glass!


Terrarium – Reproduction Pexels

Terrariums are a great way to bring in more plants for your space. They are easy to create and maintain, and look great when done right! Just remember that terrariums are living things, so they need care like any other plant. Don’t forget about watering or proper lighting conditions – and have fun!

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