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Check out the best apps for productivity! Do you often find it difficult to be productive in your everyday life? If your answer is yes, then this article is a real gold mine for you. Because we will bring you the best apps for productivity.

So if you’re tired of procrastinating all day and want to fulfill your duties in the best way possible. Know that you’ve come to the right place, so grab your cell phone and get ready to download the apps presented in this article. Well, today we’ll show you how simple it is to use technology to your advantage when it comes to improving your efficiency as a professional.

What is making you unproductive?

First of all, it’s important to understand what prevents you from being productive, and only then can you find the perfect application to solve your problem. In some cases what kills your productivity is the amount of distractions around you, in other cases it’s the lack of schedules.

There are hundreds of possibilities, so take the time to understand what is making it so difficult to be productive. From there, finding an application to deal with this problem will be a much simpler task.

So, before opening your phone’s app store, reflect for a few minutes on the reason behind your lack of productivity and how technology can help you solve your problem.


Best apps to become more productive?

Now that we’ve clarified the importance of understanding what’s behind your low productivity, check out a list of the best apps to become more productive below.

Trello – Best apps for productivity

The first app on this list is Trello, basically this application allows you to create a task board, separating each job into categories, in addition to being able to attach files and share these task boards with other people on the platform.

For this reason, the Trello application is widely used by companies to delegate tasks at home office. In that case, if you need a simple and intuitive application to set up a task board and communicate with a team of professionals, the Trello platform is perfect for you.

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Google Keep – Best apps for productivity

Next we have Google Keep, basically this application has as its main function to organize your notes in the best possible way, in addition to creating lists in an intuitive way. This app works alongside others like Google calendar, which will also be mentioned in this list.

Basically, if you need a way to create lists efficiently, and organize important notes in a practical way. So keep in mind that the Google Keep app will be extremely useful for you, in which case just download it from the Google play store or apple store and enjoy.

Google Calendar – Best apps for productivity

As previously mentioned, Google Keep works with Google Calendar, basically this application, as the name says, is a calendar. In short, if you need to use a diary on a daily basis, using a notebook is not feasible for you.

Then this application will be a helping hand, as it basically consists of a complete and simple agenda in the palm of your hand. Therefore, if you participate in meetings, or need to stick to schedules, having Google Calendar on your cell phone is essential.

Flip – Best apps for productivity

The fourth application on the list is Flip, this application is more suitable for who needs an efficient way to monitor the time spent on each service. Understanding how much time each task takes is something very important to improve as a professional.

In that case, if you need to find an efficient way to monitor your performance with regard to the speed at which you fulfill your functions, know that Flip fulfills this function very well.

Forest – Best apps for productivity

The last application on this list is Forest, basically this application has as main function to keep you away from your cell phone. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? However, I’m sure you’ve ever gone to check something quick on Instagram and ended up procrastinating for hours and hours.

So basically Forest aims to challenge you not to open any apps for a certain period. So that you can focus on fulfilling your obligations like work and studies; therefore, if the excessive use of the cell phone has been destroying your productivity, Forest can be a way out of this problem.


See how technology can be a great way to deal with problems that kill your productivity? A simple app can help you save a lot of time. Currently objects such as agendas or notebooks are becoming more and more obsolete and being replaced by applications.

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