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Having children is the dream of many couples, and during pregnancy an pregnancy tracking app is very useful, but which one to choose? After all, there are hundreds. Some are paid, others are completely free, however, the options are endless.

So, selecting which one is perfect for you can take a long time, but after reading this article your decision making will be much simpler.

After all, in this article we’ve put together the 4 best apps that will help you follow each stage of your pregnancy, so if you  is planning to have children.

And you’ve already started looking for ways to track your pregnancy, or if you found out you’re pregnant, and want to track each week of your pregnancy. Just use one of the apps you’ll learn about throughout this article.

Main uses of an app to track pregnancy

You can imagine that when you search for an app to track your pregnancy in your cell phone’s app store, thousands of options will appear in  your screen. However, for obvious reasons, not all applications presented on your screen will be of high quality.

After all, pregnancy has several stages, in addition to, of course, several things that must be taken into account when monitoring.

Therefore, it is very important that the application is very well programmed, in addition to being as accurate as possible. However, you need to understand that one pregnancy is not the same as the other, and for this reason the app may not be 100% accurate.

But that doesn’t mean these apps are totally useless, after all they still tend to get quite right.

The main use of these applications is precisely  let the mother know everything about her baby’s formation in real time. Which will allow you to look for a  doctor at the right time, which will make this pregnancy safer for both mother and baby.

That is why such applications are so recommended for women who are having a risky pregnancy.

What is the best pregnancy tracking app – Best app to track pregnancy

The following will show you the four main apps, as well as their features, so if you’re looking for the best app to track your pregnancy.

Then, know that any of the applications presented below will serve you very well. However, it is worth checking out how each one of them works, in order to select the one that best suits you.

My pregnancy week by week – Best app to track pregnancy

The first app to track pregnancy is called “My pregnancy week by week” that will allow you to keep track of data such as size, weight and the like about your baby. But, there is a curious feature about this application.

The application will allow you to compare your baby’s weight to the weight of fruits, so you can follow your child’s entire development.

And all this in a super simple way, even receiving several tips for  that your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible. Where the application will give you some tips on what to eat, simple exercises that you can perform.

Pregnancy + – Best app to track pregnancy

The next app on the list is also one of the most famous when it comes to a good pregnancy tracking app. We’re talking about the “Pregnancy+” app, and the fame of this app is no wonder, especially considering that it is one of the simplest to use.

What makes a total difference when evaluating an application, after all, you certainly don’t want to be breaking your head to be able to use the application.

The differential of this application has both the option of the popular plan and the option of the premium plan, which has several functions. How, why  example, the kick counter, timers that count the frequency of these kicks and many other functions.

My pregnancy and my baby today

The third app to track pregnancy is the  application “My pregnancy and my baby today” this app has all the desirable features in such an app.

That is, it has a day and week counter, monitors the baby’s weight, size and things like that. In addition to also presenting a comparison of the size of your child with fruits, vegetables and also with other types of food.

My pregnancy by Paula

Finally, ending our list introducing you to the app to track pregnancy, we have the app “My pregnancy by Paula” this being one of the most recommended apps on the list.

Well, it’s one of those with the best options, after all, it’s to be expected that such an application will present you with basic information about your child. However, this app has a big difference in how it works.

It allows the mother to report how she is feeling, such as body aches, fever, swelling and many other things that can occur during pregnancy. Also giving tips on how to eat, exercise, how long to sleep, etc.


Certainly, throughout this article, you understood the importance of an application to track your pregnancy. We hope you enjoyed our tips and that you take the opportunity to get to know them. Finally, make your choice, with the app that best meets your needs and good pregnancy!

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