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The digital transit card, also known as digital CNH, is a modern solution.

The digital transit card aims to provide, via the Internet, the information necessary for the effective transit of your vehicle in the national territory.

The main information contained in the national driver’s license is related to your conduct as a driver.

Including basic driver data, qualifications, medical examinations, rights and duties, as well as administrative operations such as license renewal, infraction appeals and temporary vehicle request.

The digital transit wallet application is developed by the National Traffic Board in collaboration with Abate – Associations, State and District Traffic Bodies, Federal Highway Police, among others.

The digital CNH was made available on 09/2019 in a Beta version with its functionalities.

Benefits of the Digital Traffic Card

Among the main benefits of the digital CNH, its simplicity of use stands out. Its interface is intuitive, allowing easy access to all features, from driver registration to tracking points in the license. The digital wallet also brings:

  • The modernization of transit processes, bringing greater agility and convenience to citizens;
  • Reduction of costs with processes and bureaucracy;
  • Reduction in document processing times;
  • Elimination of fraud with forged documents;
  • Conscientious and safe use of traffic;
  • Reduction of traffic accidents.

In addition, the use of the digital CNH allows the conscious use of means of transport, to promote respect for the law and the right of safe passage in traffic.


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What services are available on the digital CNH

• CNH data consultation: Biometric data, photo, name, registration, date of birth, category, validity, National Traffic Code (CNT) score and penalty data;


• Digital Wallet: digital certificate (GID) usable to authenticate banking operations, transactions and authenticate the ownership of documents;

• Digital Signature: Signature of documents through a digital certificate;

• Security: Biometric authentication (facial biometrics) for service access validation, security, data protection by pin;

• Notifications via SMS: Receive notifications about CNH expiration, payment of points and other relevant information.

• Location of Stations: Find the nearest stations where you can carry out operations on your CNH, in addition to checking its validity.


Step by step to download the digital traffic wallet application

1. Open your smartphone’s app store, either Apple Store or Google Play.

2. Search for “Carteira Digital de Trânsito” or “CNH digital”

3. Click on the desired application to install.

4. Click “Install” to proceed.

5. Wait for the application installation process.

6. Make sure the app is downloaded and installed and ready to use.

It is worth remembering that the digital CNH does not replace the printed version. That is, you can have both versions at hand. However, with the application you can do all the procedures of your national driver’s license. Just access the App and search for the desired services. The digital transit card is completely free.

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How to use

The digital CNH was developed with the idea of ​​offering all vehicle drivers access to all the information necessary for their transit, allowing transparency, ease and security.

To access the features, simply access the official DENATRAN website and register using your National Driver’s License number and your CPF.

Once registered, several information options will be available for consultation, including:

• Driver information;
• Qualification;
• License renewal;
• Wallet Points;
• Appeal Process;
• Temporary Vehicle Procedures.

Thus, the Digital Traffic Card offers the driver transparency, ease and safety in traffic, simplifying and making access to all relevant information more practical.

Final considerations

The digital CNH offers great benefits to the user, as it allows vehicle owners to register their vehicle in an easier and safer way, simplifying the process and saving time.

In addition, the user has the opportunity to keep all the information relevant to the traffic in an organized way, allowing him to visualize the information in a more visual way and have greater knowledge about it.

However, there are still potential problems. For example, some users may find it difficult to use the digital wallet, so the user interface should be intuitive and easy to use.

Also, some applications may not contain all the necessary information; therefore, it is important that developers take the time to test and verify that applications are providing accurate, secure, and complete information.

Finally, it is important that the government, transit authorities and users are informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the digital transit wallet so that it is widely accepted and safely used.

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